The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

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(from Stephanie Jackson, Palmyra, IN.) ...A friend of mine bought me a reading with Dale as a birthday gift. I went to see her full of skepticism, but was totally amazed at her definite intuition. For the first time in my life, I was able to understand my life's purpose. Having a reading truly helped to put things into perspective. I have recommended her to family and friends, and they too have had an insightful experience and have gone home with questions answered. Blessings to you Dale Epley :)
Thanks so much

(from: Ott, Beaumont, Texas) ...Dale, you gave me a reading at the Whole Life Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. I was your third reading on Sunday. Perhaps you do not remember me, but I thank you for my compassionate reading. This was the first reading I have ever had, and it was very intense for me! In hindsight, I should have asked questions, but my mind did not co-operate! Please know how much your channeling meant to me.

(from: D. Peters, Salem, Ohio) ...As always it's a pleasure talking with you & Michael. You are such a wonderful inspiration to me and I feel so at peace with myself after talking with you. Many 'Angel' love and blessings always to you.

(friom: J. Ray, Georgetown, Texas) ...Dale, Kristen's stomach has gotten progressively better since the regression. Thanks, again.

(from: K. Ray, Georgetown, Texas ...Dear Dale, You and Michael have made such an impact on my life, and I thank God everyday for meeting you!

(from: S. Flora, Chalkhill, PA). ..Thank you so much for your beautiful reading, your kind patience, and your time spent with me.

(from: J. Parnell, Liberty Hill, Texas) ...Merry Christmas, Dale! Thank you for your help on my journey throughout the year.

(from: K. Voss, Evergreen, Co.) ..Dale, I just wanted to thank you for the very special service you provide for people. Your readings have been real guideposts for me during confusing periods. They have also strengthened my faith in God's ever presence, expecially when I forget that! Thank you, thank you.

(from: G. Boyd, Scottsdale, Az.) ...Thank you so very much for such a helpful and healing reading! I can't tell you how healing it was to hear the messages from my parents.... it has totally changed me and how I have thought about them. I'm so excited about getting the tape so I can hear everything again and again.

from: J. Baylog, Austin, Tx.) ...When I was at your lecture in Austin last Saturday, you asked those in the audience if they saw anything. Just want you to know that I did see something, but I had to think about what I saw first for the simple reason that I wasn't sure what it was. Anyway, what I saw behind you was an energy field. Near where I live there grows, at times, wheat. And when I walk past this wheat field with the sun shinning behind the stalks, I can see the energy between those stalks. Last Saturday, I saw that energy behind, above, and on both sides of you....but at that time, I wasn't sure what it was. Thank you for a great lecture; I hope to attend many more. I feel that I was meant to be there.

(from: S. Horton, Cincinnati, Oh.) ...Dale....first and foremost, I would like to thank you for helping to change my life!! I first saw your angel seminar last spring at the Amethyst bookstore's Angel of Light Festival...and then again the fall festival Angel of Light. I brought my sister to that one. Your gifts have helped me overcome so much. You do not know how much I appreciate your help. My sister also wants to thank you, you have helped her with some issues why she feels the way she does at fear of abandonment! God Bless. vine border