The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

 Archangel Michale by Michael Waters

Michael Waters, Artist
This link connects you to the artistry of Michael Water. He created the beautiful image of ArchAngel Michael on this page.


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CDs ~ $9.00
Shp/hndl chgs... CDs..... $2.50 each (2 to 6 for $5.00)

 Dream Weaver Meditation

Dream Weaver... Beautiful words and music to help you get to sleep more easily. A soothing and healing journey into dream-time.

 House CD

The House... A wonderful journey to a beautiful house that represents your heart. Inside this house are 3 closed doors labeled Pain, Fear, & Anger. We help you to go through each of these rooms within the deep recesses of you to ‘clean them up’. To help you heal the wounds from past and present.

 Animal Guides CD

Meet Your Animal Guides... Journey to meet your animal guides, learn who they are and hear or feel their messages.

 Atral Travel CD

AstralTravel... While physical body sleeps, you often journey far distances... sometimes to visit with family or friends in spirit, sometimes it is a journey for your healing, sometimes it is just for the sake of the journey itself. Learn to do this consciously in a totally safe way.

 Healing Cell Memory CD

Healing Cell Memory... Based on Sylvia Brown's book 'Past Lives / Future Healing', this is a safe & gentle guidance into your past. Many of today's fears and illnesses can be released / healed by visiting those past lives that may be a basis for today's problems.

 Healing Body Mind and Soul CD

Healing Body, Mind, & Soul... Discussion & meditation about control & abundance of life. Step by step guidance to working with the self with earth energy and Universal energy to cleanse and balance the total you.

 Angelic Healing CD

Angelic Healing... Journey to the Angelic World to receive the energy of love and help to heal whatever wounds of life that are creating problems for you. Learn to see, hear, and feel your Angels.

 Mending a Broken Heart CD

Mending A Broken Heart.. .Relaxation and technique to release pain of a broken heart. Uses visualization to heal the energetic heart (heart chakra), as well as helping with the mental, physical, and emotional pain.

 Healing Financial Stress CD

Healing Financial Stress... Guide to understanding how to remove the barriers and limitations to our ability to manifest wealth in life. Scarcity is a way of thinking as well as a way of 'being and doing'. Learn to open up to receive the abundance available.

 Healing Grief CD

Healing Grief.. .Death of a loved one or death of a relationship are tragic experiences. Grief, itself, is a healing tool… this meditation will help you to recreate balance in your life by working with the different stages of grief to examine an d to heal the pain.

 Healing the Energy Field CD

Healing of the Energy Field... (cassette only) Your energy field, as well as your Chakra system is a guide to good health. This meditation will help you to have a healthier, clearer energy field.

 Releasing Limitations and Barriers CD

Releasing Limitations & Barriers... We all bring into this world limitations and barriers that create problems for our health, wealth, and happiness. Working with this meditation will help to guide you to creating a better and more prosperous life for yourself.

 Chakra Clearing CD

Chakra Clearing.. .The chakra system is a part of the overall you and a major part of your health system. Let Michael guide you into the cleansing and balancing of your chakras for better health andenergy.

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