The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

Messages From Michael
 Archangel Michale by Michael Waters

Michael Waters, Artist
This link connects you to the artistry of Michael Water. He created the beautiful image of ArchAngel Michael on this page.

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It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.



September, 2020

Michael: For today is the first day of the rest of your life. I know you have heard this numerous times... but really look at the meaning in those words.

How old are you? In your 20's, 30's... in your 70's, 80's, 90's... or somewhere in between?

It does not matter because however old you are, you will look at 'the first day of the rest of your life' differently than anyone else.

If you are living in strife at this moment, then recognizing that you must make major changes for the life you are living is the first step to a happy and healthy future. You can ask for help, you know. That help may not be obvious at first, but if you just use your patience... miracles can happen.

Those of you that are doing well, no major issues to contend with... then thank God and continue doing the best you can while experiencing life on Earth in your own way.

New Beginnings... each day is a new beginning, an opportunity to make your life better, healthier and happier. Yet, I realize that most of you live in negativity and worry... if not about your own plight, then it will be about someone or something outside of yourself.

It is best to pray for that person or situation first and foremost. Second, you must realize if you have any control over that person or situation. If you do, just proceed with caution making sure you are not hindering their growth in any way. If you do not... then prayer is the only way to proceed.

Learning to correct negative thinking is as easy as asking your Angels to counter your negative with a positive thought. They will definitely be up for the challenge and it will be up to you to be open to the positive thoughts they send you. They will see it as a game... an educational one.

Most important is to get rid of the negative first thing each morning, before you start your day outside of yourself. The simplest and most effective is to simply say, "I release all negativity from in and around me to the Universe and Mother Earth. I clear and balance my chakras and energy field and realign with Heaven and Earth."

There... you have magic words to start your day... and for every day for the rest of your life on Earth if you will use them. God Bless.
Jerimiah: To all of you that are in the throes of change in any way... open up to the God given advisors/care takers that all of you have while on Earth and at your true home.

There is much valuable information available. If you have exhausted your search in your own Earthly way, and still have questions... then ask your Angels or you can go straight to God for those answers.

You may get your answers in many ways... many forms. For instance, you might hear, feel, inner knowing, see, and so many other ways to experience answers/help.

Actually it would be interesting to hear from you to learn how YOU perceive answers from those of us around you. I know others would love to read about your experiences, too. Do send us your information.

In dividing yourself into so many different areas of life, try to see all different experiences as one continuous journey of the life you created as soul before entering into Earth life. It is important to know that all life in all ways is an experience to be treasured as an opportunity to improve your understanding of all life. It may not make sense to you at this time, but eventually you will have that AHA moment when you will recognize that the benefits you received, even from the worst relationships, were somehow beneficial to you... even if it was to meet the challenge of just getting out of that relationship.

Allowing time for the Blessings in your life is also important... that is why we often just say one word... 'patience'.

Blessings are all around and within you.

Lily: When you find yourself chastising yourself over the mistreatment of someone else, just remember that you have already been forgiven (especially if you feel bad about the issue). Can you justify not forgiving yourself when God has already forgiven you?

So, I suggest, if you happen to experience the pain of any thought such as described above... stop, say a quick prayer of thanking God for His forgiveness, then imagine releasing that thought into His hands.

The lesson has already been learned if you are ready to ask forgiveness to begin with.


Jameson: I am a friend/guide for Dale from our homeland. The most important thing I do for her while she is on Earth is to help her recognize her gift of hearing. I can talk to her from our actual home and she can hear me. As we both progress from this day forward, it is both our wishes to teach all of you your own God given gifts that ALL of you possess. Given time, each of you can do the very same things with your own 'people' in Spirit that Dale does. You each have the ability... it just depends on how badly you wish to open to that ability.

God Bless each of you on whatever path you have chosen while on your journey on Earth.


Melchezidek: A lot is happening in your world at this time. The energy created is haphazard, and even damaging to the physical body. The most damage comes from depression, which creates lots of negativity, tiredness, and boredom. All of that equals to low energy and a desire not to push yourself into the exercises that you might normally do.

So I urge you to push yourself to your limits. See it as a war between you and the element of doing nothing. In this war, you must win because it means the difference for your body's good health.

If you sit at the computer or read or watch television all day, you must train yourself to get up often... at least once an hour to move around, stretch, maybe even do a 10 minute exercise. You would be amazed how much that can help you.

Start planning the things you want to do once the all clear if given for the Covid virus. Keep your mind occupied on good positive things. If you are overwhelmed by a negative feeling... as said before... work hard at releasing it.

Your dreams play a big part of how you feel when you awaken each morning. If you wake up tired and in a bad mood, then it has a lot to do with dreams and often with lack of rest. Before you sleep at night, have the intention of sleeping deeply and dreaming only good things. Make a habit of this and it actually eventually works well for you.

For now, just remember we are all in this chaos together. Not only is your life affected by all the outside issues (as well as those inside of you), but we carry your burdens right along with you. We do what we can, but you hold the answer to your own initiative.


August, 2020


Michael: This is a very important time for all of you. The energy has changed absolutely this day. Many of you will feel it (I am writing this August 2, 2020), and we will try to get this info out to you this day so you can be aware. Be aware of your own feel of the weather as well as of the energy presented.

The reason for this is that Earth has entered into a new area or 'space' within the dimension she entered back in 2012. This new (to her and you) is one that will be progressive in activating your focus and the changes you desire in your life.

Are you happy where you live? work? health? Are you addicted to some substance, food, or drink, but desire to get out of that addiction? This energy will help you determine who you are and where you need to be and what is good and right for you. It will give you strength in your determination to make the changes in your life... but you will need to really make an effort also.

We have been working hard to help get to this place early and so it is here. It is time for each of you to realize your potential on Earth. For some of you, the 'new' you will astound you... new energy, new thoughts, new activities... and the information will come easily. For many of you, it will come more slowly in thoughts or dreams... but the information that is personalized for you will eventually be in your awareness.

It is time, also, to let go of the people in your life that mistreat you if they cannot change, and for you to realize your own mistreatment of others... even of yourself. New beginnings in all things. Be patient, be open to change, and above all... pray for guidance when you feel overwhelmed.

Today, for some of you... will feel that new energy, but suddenly totally exhausted. That is a part of today's energy processing and does not indicate a problem or an illness.

By all means... honor yourself, rest... sleep... whatever it is you are feeling, and know it is right.

Melchezidek: Good morning to all... just a note of advice for a very active August, 2020. This month will be a whirlwind of activity for most of you. It will hold surprises (all good, depending on your ability to accept the joys each day holds for you), but it will also be a time to let go of a lot of people, things, and illusions that are not truly needed in your life.

As Michael has described the change in energy that is beginning this month, I would like to add that in these changes you still have an active free will. In that free will, you will need to concentrate on the best possible outcome, which means think before you act. In indecision... ask for guidance and be open to that guidance.

The reason to be more careful in your free will is that you will find the results of your decisions will happen very quickly. This is not to frighten you, but to remind you to always use common sense in your decision making. Also... there is NO wrong decision... just experiences.

As always, pray for guidance and acceptance, and know that the best is yet to come.

Maggie: I have not created a message here for quite awhile, so I am here to share (what I consider) valuable knowledge with you.

Your days on Earth are not limited to just the human you. When you let go of Earth and return to your true home, you will have ample opportunities to return and visit with loved ones... or just visit with Earth... maybe seeing some of the places you never got to while as human there.

This is so exciting to think about. The reason you will always be able to return is because you, as soul, still have free will... even more than you have as human. You will never travel alone because the same trusted guardians will be with you just as they are while you are in your incarnation on Earth.

The Holy Spirit will guide and direct you in so many ways, but always you will be able to say yes or no to any suggestions. Actually, you already do that while on Earth when you consider the Holy Spirit is connected to your conscious decisions. (Spiritual Body)

As you begin any journey to Earth or any other planet (whether to incarnate again or just to visit) you will always leave your planned activity with your council so you will always be in a safe place. As said, your guardians are always with you, but in your free will even as soul, you can make bad or dangerous decisions.

Once you reach your destination, you can only stay a short time (at least on Earth) because the gravitational pull can create problems without proper attire. For instance, if you have the gift to see visitors from your true home, you might see them in unusual attire. Dale's visitors usually show up in Victorian dresses and suits. They are specially made to help them stay balanced while they visit.

Your Angels do not need any special protection from the elements or gravity, but your guides do. Guides seldom come into your physical space, they usually communicate by telepathy and can send 'pictures' to you as well, so face to face is not necessary.

If Dale is working with you and a loved one already in spirit, she will sometimes ask the loved one to give hugs... some of you have already experienced this. That loved one is actually right there with you even though you cannot usually see them, but you can often feel the energy of the hug in some form or fashion. That loved one also has to plan ahead for that brief moment of the hug with some form of protection.

When you are meditating and actually have a visit with a loved one, that is typically happening on the Astral Plain. A place where the energy is safe for all concerned. The same happens in dreams.

So, as I conclude this bit of info. I hope you will all begin/continue your Earth journey with one foot on Earth and all things Earth and the other learning more about who you truly are and where you truly come from.

God Bless

Lily: When you are in a quandary for any reason, it is always good to look at all sides of the situation. What are the positives vs the negatives of that situation. Is it good for all concerned, or is it something that only serves one of you. The ideal is when all involved are happy and satisfied.

If only one is satisfied, then there will always be grumbling and dissatisfaction from the other. If you both have determined to move forward, then you must assume the other person is desirable of that outcome, and even if there is early discontent, know in your heart that it was a mutual decision and will ultimately create a positive ending.

Being aware of the positives and negatives will help things to progress more smoothly, so being prepared to move forward in some way will help tremendously.

The more important thing I would like to add is to find a quiet and safe place to call your own. Create your own 'sanctuary' so that you can really touch in with the inner you (or us). Learn to be aware of your energy compared to other's energy... human and spirit. We, your Angels, teachers, and guides will always step forward for this experience if you ask. Sometimes it takes awhile to actually feel the difference, but keep trying. One thing to do before trying is to clear your own energy... "I clear and balance this physical and energetic body, and realign with Heaven and Earth." Or create your own.

Blessings to each of you on this new journey.

Bartholomew: Violence plays a large part in Earth's history. All you have to do is research any country on Earth to see for yourself. The plague that the United States is experiencing right now will soon be a part of that history... one that at first look, there is disobedience to the laws of the land, and at second look.. you will find the ever present predators trying to overthrow the government.

It takes awhile for the government authorities to awaken to the deeper fact that much of the unrest and discontent is stirred by outside forces... but once it is realized, the action will be swift.

Christianity is one element that actually creates unrest in some. The desired elements of peace, good will, and trying to help others irritates others that are not of like mind. This unrest is also a part of the evolution of the younger souls that are so abundant at this time. With all that in mind, remember to surround places and people with your own love and Light instead of fear and blame. If enough of you will practice this, you will find that peace will eventually win this particular revolution. And, yes... there will also be help from the authorities, but as was said last month... it will take the elders of their own people to truly get balance and harmony back in America.

When people desire something, and they feel the only way to get it or attention is violence... violence and destruction happen.

Do your part to win this particular war... pray for them, think positive, loving energy toward them, and know that you are doing your part to help.

Elijah: It is time for you to realize the value of proper diet. Most of you are staying home and on the computer (or other non-active activities) more with the virus problems... which can become a health problem if you are not careful.

Whether you are diabetic or not, it is important to follow the basic guidelines for diabetes at this time to try to maintain a healthy body. Even eating well and exercising a few days a week, and allowing 'goodies' only on a few days will be of great value instead of indulging every day.

If you normally go to a gym for exercise, try to set up a temporary home gym. Find a TV channel that has exercise programs that you can enjoy daily if possible. The main focus here is to not get into a lazy life style, stay focused and active and you will be healthier and happier for the effort.

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