The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

The Angels Speak

Channeled by Dale Epley

 Archangel Michale by Michael Waters

Michael Waters, Artist
This link connects you to the artistry of Michael Water. He created the beautiful image of ArchAngel Michael on this page.


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If you have a group that would be interested in sponsoring any of the following classes or workshops in your area, please contact Dale at 423-254-2085 or Email Dale for more information.


(2 - 3 hours)
Meditation has many uses. Just a few of these uses are to help you to achieve a higher state of consciousness, to quiet the emotions, and to relax the physical body. These are the beginning healing tools of life, and if practiced, will help you obtain better health and a healthier outlook to life itself.

This class is a series of meditations that will teach you to relax. It will take you on journeys of healing past & present issues, meeting your Angels / Spirit Guides & teachers, even loved ones that have passed from earth.

I will help you to expand your imagination and to trust that it can be more than just 'imagination; taking you on 'guided tours' of other parts of the world, as well as outside the earth's atmosphere.

There will be discussion of each meditation journey before and after the journey, and answers to your questions.


(6 - 8 hours)
This fun and innovative workshop will help you discover your own unique gifts of healing. Explore techniques of meditation to learn to see, heal, and release barriers using the inner eye. Learn about chakras and the energy field and how they affect your health and daily life. Discover how to work and play with energy (yours and that of others) and how to help yourself and others with different techniques of healing.


(6 - 8 hours)
Discover your own psychic awareness... it's fun, and you'll be surprised at how much you already know. Explore dreams; hearing... feeling... seeing spirit; tools to get in touch with your own awareness or Spirit Guides; negative vs. positive energies; meditation, visualization, and practical exercises to help you connect with your own Spirit Guides; the inner workings of the mind; and how to recognize YOU vs. Spirit Guides.


(6 - 8 hours)

It is inherent in every person to be able to interact with those people around you in the spirit world. Only fear or uncertainty keeps you from reaching out and learning from them.

Examine your ability to work with your people in spirit. We will touch on different ways to interact with your spirit teachers and guides through pendulum, automatic writing, meditations, as well as learning to trust your 'hearing' and thought communications with them.

Dale has skills of communication, teaching, and of helping others connect with their Angels, guides, teachers and even loved ones in spirit in a loving and safe environment.

Lots of teacher/student interaction. Bring your questions and an open mind for a wonderful new journey.


PREQUISITE: "Mediumship Development"
(4 -6 hours)

Come learn to be comfortable with that special teacher in spirit that is here to help you channel. Anyone can do is your own fears that hinder your learning how to communicate with the spirit world. They are waiting for us to open the door.


(4 -6 hours)

In the everyday world we live in there are many decisions to be made. At times, indecision can create chaos and /or a kind of numbness that prevents a decision to be made at all.

In this class, you will create a 'round table' of self for inner-discussion. A way of interacting within yourself to work on healing fears and uncertainty. Included will be discussions on why we react to certain things as we do, meditations to recognize and to heal, introduction to 9 different facets of the inner-self, learning to interact with those aspects of self to heal the uncertainties of life, and understanding how past life issues can create problems in today's life.


(a meditation by MICHAEL led by Dale Epley)

Join Michael, your angels, teachers, guides, and loved ones in spirit on a journey through the 7 different inner plains.... Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Masionic, Budaic, Tao.

On each plain, you will meet and visit with any one of those mentioned above. This is a wonderfully exciting (and relaxing) way to visit with those in spirit, and it is much easier when there is group energy to share in raising the vibration of all.

Bring pen and paper to write down anything you want to remember about the journey and those you meet. If you have a question for spirit, ask before you come or before we begin the meditation....often you will receive an answer.vine border

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