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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




August, 2020


Michael: This is a very important time for all of you. The energy has changed absolutely this day. Many of you will feel it (I am writing this August 2, 2020), and we will try to get this info out to you this day so you can be aware. Be aware of your own feel of the weather as well as of the energy presented.

The reason for this is that Earth has entered into a new area or 'space' within the dimension she entered back in 2012. This new (to her and you) is one that will be progressive in activating your focus and the changes you desire in your life.

Are you happy where you live? work? health? Are you addicted to some substance, food, or drink, but desire to get out of that addiction? This energy will help you determine who you are and where you need to be and what is good and right for you. It will give you strength in your determination to make the changes in your life... but you will need to really make an effort also.

We have been working hard to help get to this place early and so it is here. It is time for each of you to realize your potential on Earth. For some of you, the 'new' you will astound you... new energy, new thoughts, new activities... and the information will come easily. For many of you, it will come more slowly in thoughts or dreams... but the information that is personalized for you will eventually be in your awareness.

It is time, also, to let go of the people in your life that mistreat you if they cannot change, and for you to realize your own mistreatment of others... even of yourself. New beginnings in all things. Be patient, be open to change, and above all... pray for guidance when you feel overwhelmed.

Today, for some of you... will feel that new energy, but suddenly totally exhausted. That is a part of today's energy processing and does not indicate a problem or an illness.

By all means... honor yourself, rest... sleep... whatever it is you are feeling, and know it is right.


Melchezidek: Good morning to all... just a note of advice for a very active August, 2020. This month will be a whirlwind of activity for most of you. It will hold surprises (all good, depending on your ability to accept the joys each day holds for you), but it will also be a time to let go of a lot of people, things, and illusions that are not truly needed in your life.

As Michael has described the change in energy that is beginning this month, I would like to add that in these changes you still have an active free will. In that free will, you will need to concentrate on the best possible outcome, which means think before you act. In indecision... ask for guidance and be open to that guidance.

The reason to be more careful in your free will is that you will find the results of your decisions will happen very quickly. This is not to frighten you, but to remind you to always use common sense in your decision making. Also... there is NO wrong decision... just experiences.

As always, pray for guidance and acceptance, and know that the best is yet to come.


Maggie: I have not created a message here for quite awhile, so I am here to share (what I consider) valuable knowledge with you.

Your days on Earth are not limited to just the human you. When you let go of Earth and return to your true home, you will have ample opportunities to return and visit with loved ones... or just visit with Earth... maybe seeing some of the places you never got to while as human there.

This is so exciting to think about. The reason you will always be able to return is because you, as soul, still have free will... even more than you have as human. You will never travel alone because the same trusted guardians will be with you just as they are while you are in your incarnation on Earth.

The Holy Spirit will guide and direct you in so many ways, but always you will be able to say yes or no to any suggestions. Actually, you already do that while on Earth when you consider the Holy Spirit is connected to your conscious decisions. (Spiritual Body)

As you begin any journey to Earth or any other planet (whether to incarnate again or just to visit) you will always leave your planned activity with your council so you will always be in a safe place. As said, your guardians are always with you, but in your free will even as soul, you can make bad or dangerous decisions.

Once you reach your destination, you can only stay a short time (at least on Earth) because the gravitational pull can create problems without proper attire. For instance, if you have the gift to see visitors from your true home, you might see them in unusual attire. Dale's visitors usually show up in Victorian dresses and suits. They are specially made to help them stay balanced while they visit.

Your Angels do not need any special protection from the elements or gravity, but your guides do. Guides seldom come into your physical space, they usually communicate by telepathy and can send 'pictures' to you as well, so face to face is not necessary.

If Dale is working with you and a loved one already in spirit, she will sometimes ask the loved one to give hugs... some of you have already experienced this. That loved one is actually right there with you even though you cannot usually see them, but you can often feel the energy of the hug in some form or fashion. That loved one also has to plan ahead for that brief moment of the hug with some form of protection.

When you are meditating and actually have a visit with a loved one, that is typically happening on the Astral Plain. A place where the energy is safe for all concerned. The same happens in dreams.

So, as I conclude this bit of info. I hope you will all begin/continue your Earth journey with one foot on Earth and all things Earth and the other learning more about who you truly are and where you truly come from.

God Bless


Lily: When you are in a quandary for any reason, it is always good to look at all sides of the situation. What are the positives vs the negatives of that situation. Is it good for all concerned, or is it something that only serves one of you. The ideal is when all involved are happy and satisfied.

If only one is satisfied, then there will always be grumbling and dissatisfaction from the other. If you both have determined to move forward, then you must assume the other person is desirable of that outcome, and even if there is early discontent, know in your heart that it was a mutual decision and will ultimately create a positive ending.

Being aware of the positives and negatives will help things to progress more smoothly, so being prepared to move forward in some way will help tremendously.

The more important thing I would like to add is to find a quiet and safe place to call your own. Create your own 'sanctuary' so that you can really touch in with the inner you (or us). Learn to be aware of your energy compared to other's energy... human and spirit. We, your Angels, teachers, and guides will always step forward for this experience if you ask. Sometimes it takes awhile to actually feel the difference, but keep trying. One thing to do before trying is to clear your own energy... "I clear and balance this physical and energetic body, and realign with Heaven and Earth." Or create your own.

Blessings to each of you on this new journey.


Bartholomew: Violence plays a large part in Earth's history. All you have to do is research any country on Earth to see for yourself. The plague that the United States is experiencing right now will soon be a part of that history... one that at first look, there is disobedience to the laws of the land, and at second look.. you will find the ever present predators trying to overthrow the government.

It takes awhile for the government authorities to awaken to the deeper fact that much of the unrest and discontent is stirred by outside forces... but once it is realized, the action will be swift.

Christianity is one element that actually creates unrest in some. The desired elements of peace, good will, and trying to help others irritates others that are not of like mind. This unrest is also a part of the evolution of the younger souls that are so abundant at this time. With all that in mind, remember to surround places and people with your own love and Light instead of fear and blame. If enough of you will practice this, you will find that peace will eventually win this particular revolution. And, yes... there will also be help from the authorities, but as was said last month... it will take the elders of their own people to truly get balance and harmony back in America.

When people desire something, and they feel the only way to get it or attention is violence... violence and destruction happen.

Do your part to win this particular war... pray for them, think positive, loving energy toward them, and know that you are doing your part to help.


Elijah: It is time for you to realize the value of proper diet. Most of you are staying home and on the computer (or other non-active activities) more with the virus problems... which can become a health problem if you are not careful.

Whether you are diabetic or not, it is important to follow the basic guidelines for diabetes at this time to try to maintain a healthy body. Even eating well and exercising a few days a week, and allowing 'goodies' only on a few days will be of great value instead of indulging every day.

If you normally go to a gym for exercise, try to set up a temporary home gym. Find a TV channel that has exercise programs that you can enjoy daily if possible. The main focus here is to not get into a lazy life style, stay focused and active and you will be healthier and happier for the effort.


JULY, 2020


Michael: So many things are happening in your world at this time. It seems Earth, herself, is in turmoil... The continuing pandemic, the marches and riots, feelings of unrest... even the Sahara dust cloud that is traveling Earth seem to portend some dreadful happening. But, truly, it is not. It is only the necessary changes that you and Earth are transcending, an element of growth that will help to clarify existence on Earth for a very long time.

I know you long for peace... not only for yourself, but for all peoples... and yet it takes a 'stirring' of energies to create what is needed to continue to find that peace.

The pandemic will cease in approximately 1 more year as the scientists finally fine tune a healing remedy. That sounds like a very long time, yet it will mostly die down by the end of 2020, only to have a few cases (in comparison) return until that final vaccine is created.

The riots represent the unrest present in that segment of society that has been there for a very long time. It is mostly the younger ones that are stirring the energy of unrest and it will take their own people to put an end to it. That will happen over the next 1 to 3 months. In this way (their own people ending it) there will be acceptance and finally a peace that will be felt as it has not been in that community.

The Sahara dust cloud does not signify the end of life on Earth... it only is a reminder that there are very dry areas of Earth and winds that can carry the cloud a very long way. It is harmless except to those with respiratory issues. The cloud is high enough to not create major health issues for most. It will eventually settle in a more isolated area where it will become a part of that landscape and do no harm.

We do ask you to remember that only those people will die from any of these things that their souls are ready to release Earth and return to their true home. It is not something that will kill anyone that is not ready. If there are complications from any of these... it is lessons learned in some form and to some degree.

So, please do continue your prayers for Earth and all her population, or as Dale puts it 'all living things on and in Earth'. God Bless each of you, and know that you truly are.


Melchezidek: One of the most important things to remember as each of you go through the major changes spoken about in our last newsletter, is that these few months (through September for most of you) will be a roller coaster ride. You might think there are more downs than ups, but truly they are all very valuable.

If you are alone and making your own decisions about the changes you are creating, you have a Blessed gift because you can create what you desire without having to consider someone else. Those of you that have partners must adhere to the principle that it must benefit both of you, unless you desire to become single again.

For most of you, there will be that grace period where both of you are on the same line of thought and action... but the truth is that the challenges of making major changes brings about deep seated fears. Those fears can separate those of you on that same line of thought to two different thoughts and ideas, which will wear away your confidence and promote more fear.

If you can release your own fear and think sensibly about the other person's needs you will be well ahead of the game. Be prepared to be open about your feelings, and discuss what you are both in need of. The fear will eventually dissipate, unless there are tantrums in trying to get your way. If there is anger and arguing, you both lose. There will be hurt feelings on both sides and in trying to get your own wishes granted, you have alienated your partner.

So for peace and joy and future happiness, really check out your partner's needs and desires. If it is something you can live with, just tell him/her that and watch magic happen.

Above all, try to accept and be happy. If you are having problems with that, talk to God, your Higher Self, your Angels... ask for help in finding peace and acceptance wherever you are.


Melchezidek: I have often wondered why it is that most humans worry so much about things they have no control over. It is a conundrum, truly.

When you worry, it creates all sorts of negative energy, which is especially bad for you... but also reaches out to other humans and they will somehow feel that bit of negativity also. It is like that proverbial pebble dropped into a pond and the ripples spread outward.

It takes a bit of work and logic, time and effort to create a more positive attitude. If you will just look at your present, see the good and beauty in it... you will begin to let go of the worries.

I know I make it sound easy, but I have lived on Earth and I do remember how hard it was to keep a positive attitude when things were uncertain for the future (and even in the present at times). Yet, I do recall that I did make an effort to keep a smile on my face and love in my heart, and I did try to make eye contact with others and share that smile with them, too. The worries did not always disappear, but they did lessen.

For the time being, I would ask you to remember that if you are making an effort toward a certain goal... practice patience, be persistent, and trust that the best is truly yet to come.


Lily: When a segment of society is unhappy for any reason, there are many options to remedy their situation. Your country was founded on basic principles of keeping peace and having many freedoms that other countries do not have. Yet there are a few of the many that feel unheard, they feel mistreated, and feel that to be heard and acknowledged they must create chaos.

Those people are revolutionary people and represent a small segment of your population. They thrive on destructive behavior to show their strength and yet their actions are based in fear. These people cannot be ignored because they will continue to get angrier and stronger... taking advantage wherever they can to get what they want.

I know it is hard for most of you to understand why they would want to destroy the very nation where they have the freedom to voice their dissatisfaction, and many of you fear these people and their seeming power as they act out.

But don't be disheartened. Your prayers for peace and unity are heard. They are heartfelt by so many of you that abhor the violence. It may seem those people are being allowed to have their way, but given time... their behavior will become such that it will not be tolerated anymore by the authorities.

Most of those people involved in the marches are just good honest people like yourself trying to express their feelings and beliefs. The problems begin when a few of the revolutionaries begin their destruction, and the emotions become overloaded.

Those of you that are willing... please pray for those people... all of them. Pray for peace, unity, for their own communion with God. For the wrongs to be corrected, but above all... pray for your country to be forever free.


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