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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




June, 2020


Michael: June is fast approaching as we write this, by the time you read our words you will already be in the throes of that beautiful and beneficial month.

Welcome each month... each day... as you would an old and treasured friend.... with open arms and a beautiful smile. Greet each day with that in mind. If you awaken not feeling well or in a bad mood, work on feeling better and having a better balance of energy in and around you.

There are many things that can make you feel negative, and there are many things and ways to release that negativity. The major one we helped Dale with was The House meditation, as we have often discussed. Being aware of the good and positive in your life will help to release that negativity also.

June is a month full of surprising experiences, which are all very good... but again, sad to say not all of you will see or feel the good. If you have a propensity toward negative thinking, please be aware of it and try to change it as best you can. It is as simple as exchanging a negative thought or action with a positive one.

If someone you consider friend has harmed you in some way, acknowledge that maybe you misunderstood their meaning, try to forgive, and give them another opportunity to either show you they care or that they are not your friend after all.

This is a chaotic time where misunderstandings are the norm, and it is good to realize that the possibility could be only that...a misunderstanding.

Try to be a forgiving person and work hard at seeing the good in the relationship. Discuss your doubts with that person and remember that good.

As June continues, you will find more and more people putting the virus attack out of their minds, more people will get back to their jobs and getting together in public. We do feel there will be a steady drop in new Covid-19 illnesses, but some will still let go of Earth. We ask you to continue your prayers for the health of Earth and her population... prayers truly do create miracles, especially when there are many praying for the same thing.

Above all, be patient. Wait for that 'Aha' moment when everything falls into place and you'll know that the wait was worth it.


Damien: For some time now, the energy each of you has been receiving has been playing havoc with your emotional body. This means that sometime you feel great and sometime you are depressed, often without knowing why.

It is understandable if you even cry without knowing why, but it is always a good outlet for the deeper feelings that are surfacing at this time, and that is just one of the benefits the energy is creating for you.

Don't blame others for these up and down feelings. As humans, you can always find a reason to be impatient or blame others for the way you feel. As usual, we ask you to 'roll with the flow' for awhile longer... and no, I'm not aware for exactly how long because it is different for each of you. But it should not be for more than another month or so.

July will be a very busy month for many of you. The housing market in areas that have been depressed will suddenly take off and there will be a flood of homes for sale which will help the prices to come down, so if you are looking for another home, be patient and know your time to choose will come.

This summer will continue to have unusual weather patterns. Don't get lost in the idea that the ozone is depleting more quickly and 'the end of Earth is near' because it is not. If you will check history, you will find unusual weather patterns for as far back as history is noted. Be aware of how you share your energy. If you begin to think of anything that is upsetting, put Light around it and move your thoughts to something that is more positive. It is way too easy to fall into negative patterns right now, and a lot of it is just an illusion.

Pray for others that seem lost and know you can only advise if they ask for your opinion... they are the only ones that have control of their lives. Once you have prayed for them, let them go... see them in God's hands... they will never be your responsibility.

As the month of June continues, there will be more and more people congregating together, but remember that the virus is still among you. Just take special care if you have any immune issues, and especially if you have any breathing issues. I pray for you daily as Dale does. God Bless.


Lily: There are many that are becoming discouraged and disenchanted with the control that government is trying to enforce because of the virus. Common sense would tell you that their rules are there to protect you, and yes they are. As a person of value, each of you can make your own mind up in how to receive the rules, we have noticed that many gripe and actually speak out against the government tyrants. Are you one that feels anger or fear at what is happening because of the virus? Check out your energy, you are actually creating problems for your own health. Anger, loss of control, depression, and so many other negative emotions are a detriment to your health.

It is important that you try to stay positive and not activate the idea that this is another government control. They are only trying to keep you healthy and eventually things will get back to normal. Work with your energy, try to release your fear and anger in positive ways, and try not to stir up more trouble for those that are trying to help.

If you have any doubt about your own safety or that of loved ones, this is an excellent time to meditate and ask your own people in Spirit. That will also raise your vibration, and often you can have an 'AHA' moment of understanding and clarity.

We are all praying for each of you that you stay healthy, happy, and aware of the energy you are sharing with others.


Dale: I have known many people that have chosen to change their birth name for numerous different reasons: the three main reasons I've heard is that they disliked their birth name, it didn't feel right, and/or they wanted a more spiritual name.

My question: Do our birth names have a Spiritual meaning? Did we choose our birth names before birth for a specific reason? If a person changes their birth name, does the numerology meaning change with it?

Lily: As you realize already, women almost always change their last name at marriage in your country. There is little to no negativity associated with the last name change or the whole name change. Yes, if one changes their name, the numerology associated with the new name pertains to the new 'you'.

A lot of it has to do with the individual's perception. If 'Liz' changes her name to Star or something else she loves and feels 'right' with... the energy obviously changes also... she is happier and feels the new name will help her in many ways. With that attitude... yes, it WILL indeed help her in many ways.

A soul does not always create the name for its human birth child mainly because that soul desires to have the parents have full control. It is usually a big deal for new parents. If there is a name involved before birth, the Higher Self of that child will impose or send messages to the birth parents with that name. Often times that name is used as a middle name with a name that they desire for the first name and the name that child will be called.

Another reason for a person to change their name is to be safe and know that their name has a meaning of value to him/her. For instance, (Dale) when you married your first husband, his last name was Todd. You and he lived in Germany for that first year, where his name meant 'death'. Of course, that name would not be dear to most Germans... so the meaning associated with a name is important, too.


Bartholomew: When the world seems to be going too fast for you to keep up, or for you to feel connected, it is time to settle down and create an agenda.

The agenda I'm speaking of consists of three parts:

1) Recognize that you have not truly decided why you feel disconnected. To figure this out, you must really focus on yourself. You may have too many 'compartments' within yourself that have a different agenda. So I suggest you meditate on the question or visit with your inner facets of self (we have discussed this in the past, but if you are not familiar with the idea, just email Dale and she can explain). You could also add this to your list of questions to ask your favorite psychic some day.

2) Focus on the feel and even the possible outcome of whatever questions or suggestions might come your way. Most importantly, don't ignore any suggestion... really search for a positive feel or reaction.

3) Take some kind of action once you realize the problem, make a decision to correct the feeling of disconnection. Each of you have your own agenda that you have created, but if you run into obstacles, you need to realize there is some reason for that obstacle. It could be just the wrong time or it could be you are searching in the wrong place. Above all, try to be patient and make an effort to get rid of the anxiety that has been created by that discontent.

From this day forward, there will be many such happenings and they are there to guide you. You must also try to connect with the other person that might be involved in the issue... find some reason to motivate that person into wanting the same thing you do.


May, 2020


Michael: Each day that you feel desperate about anything, you will find your energy out of balance. To begin a new journey is to begin with the heart, then open your mind to all possibilities. Embrace the visions that come to you or that you create, but do not get lost in them. Know in your heart that where you end up is exactly where you should be and need to be.

Be persistent in the accumulation of information surrounding whatever it is that you desire to create in your life, but do not feel desperate. You are striving for a balance in who you are and those things you desire in your life, as well as your present situation as well as the possibilities of the future.

Plan for your future knowing that you are safe and secure in your present and if your future does not change, then know you are exactly where you should be and who you should be.

Above all, create your dream board with love and recognizing that miracles happen daily and that nothing is truly impossible. Have I confused you? I do not mean to, but it is a fine line between being desperate for a certain thing to be and allowing time to work its magic.

Now, on to another subject. Preparing for the future is exactly what all of you need to be focused on at this time. As the illnesses begin to dissipate, and people's lives get back to normal, you will find many that are still quite terrified to be out in public without the gloves and mask. Be pleasant without judgment... assume they have an immune issue and they are trying to protect the self from all germs. There are many that will still let go of Earth in the name of this epidemic, and yet... it is their prerogative to do so, mainly on the soul level.

Most of you reading these words have been safe from the virus and it is important to realize that many of you came into this world and this particular illness with an immunity. You are here as emissaries of love and light, to do your best to stay as healthy as possible and to share your ideas, thoughts, prayers and lots of positive energy whenever you can.

Be patient. Live knowing that tomorrow will come in its own time. God Bless


Michael: As far as the eye can see, there is beauty in all things. Absolute awareness of all things, people, places and the beauty within is a step into God's creations with love.

As we have spoken about changes above, I do have one more thing to share... be aware of the energy as you create, and know that when the energy does not feel right, it should be released.

Now, with that said, I will say good day to you and pray that all positive changes fall into place quickly.


Lily: From now on, there will be major intersections in all your lives. Those intersections will introduce different directions for you. Choices... that is what the future holds. You are probably thinking that is what life has always been, but I tell you these choices will be different... and NOT so difficult.

There are no wrong directions, only experiences that are of a positive nature. Sometimes there will be uncertainty and you will believe you made a wrong choice until all becomes clear and you will be grateful for the choice you made.

I believe in each of you and know that each of you desire only the best for all. Even when you have problems with another and might be angry or disdainful of another, none of you wish harm to that individual... and that is a clue to remember.

This year and 2021 will be very active in making the choices I speak of, then those opportunities will slow down considerably even as time seems to speed up. Do not despair of the lessening of your time on Earth... remember that you are visitors to Earth and eventually you will return to your true home.

So continue your journey on Earth with an open mind, open heart, and a desire to create new journeys and adventures, because it will happen. As the pandemic is moving away, still be aware of cleanliness, of wiping down the baskets at the groceries, you might even take your own just in case stores do not provide such things. Continue to care for yourself and others.


Bartholomew: Evidence of the lessening of the virus is reported daily in your news media, and yet there are still people letting go of Earth daily, so continue your prayers for all people of Earth, and for Earth herself.

Dale is concerned also about the animals losing the loved people that cared for them, so I remind you and her that the animals have a journey of their own to complete. On a soul level, they are as humans... they created the life they are living and the experiences that they are involved in. I know it hurts to think of them losing homes and loved ones, but you can only do what you can... pray for them and maybe donate to the shelters that are overloaded with animals for any reason.

The riches of your life are all around you. Open your eyes and recognize them, and be grateful.

Lily spoke a bit about the changes that are taking place, even as I write this, many of you are already involved in choices to be made. Do not be in a hurry, think about the choices, pray about them, feel the energy of them, and when you feel you are ready, go ahead and make that change. In feeling the energy, you also need to use your head and your heart, you will not go wrong.

Be present wherever you are. Yes, you are involved with creating and learning about the future, but you also need to recognize the beauty and possibilities of this day. Rejoice in this day, see its beauty and take time to play.

It is time to recognize Earth as a living major element of your life. You can make her even more beautiful by adding your own touches to her... plant some flowers, bushes, maybe even a tree or two and know that you have done well.

So, as I say goodbye to you for this newsletter, remember that I, Bartholomew, am a Universal teacher and available to all.


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