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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




September, 2018

Michael: From time to time each of you will meet a person that is hard to like... maybe impossible to like because of their own unfriendliness or personality 'flaw'. I do ask that you pray for that person, especially her/his soul because that person is always struggling with something in their life that has created that personality.

Life on Earth is hard, and a person that is 'different' might expect ridicule or dislike or worse. These things are not seen, but the exhibit of that personality flaw is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you encounter such a person, try to be nice if the opportunity arises. We can give you ideas at opportune times if you desire. Another area that I would like to approach is a bit of what we talked about last month. It is far easier for your incarnate soul to create the guidelines we spoke of than to live by those guidelines. When that soul is incarnated into the person you are, it does not recognize those guidelines any more than the rest of you (mental, physical, heart, emotional body, ego, sub-conscious, spiritual body, or chatterbox).

As in the case of some of you that interact with your soul, please be aware that it is a painful thing for that soul to realize the extent of his/her own control over the events happening in your life. Just that recognition can actually be devastating to some and should be treated as knowledge and released to just live your life without blame.

Life anywhere can be more joyful if you are 100 percent whole and confident as one rather than divided into many disparate parts. Yes, it is good to create the inner round table of self, and to really work with the facets of that round table (you), but if there is any blame toward incarnate soul, it can tear you apart and create more problems.

Enter into a contract with your inner round table. This contract is much like the Three Musketeers we've encountered with Dale's television experience... 'All for One... One for All'.


Bartholomew: From this day forward, please be aware of the many changes your world is going through. Not only does fall bring in the most beautiful of colors and scenery, but it is ushering in a major change in energy for humans worldwide. Yes, there will still be hunger and strife in many parts of the world... even your United States... but, people will begin gradually to be more humane.

Let it start with each of you being aware of your attitude toward people and your actions with them, even if you do not speak to them. Dale has a mail lady that is very rude. Seems that all of her neighbors have had some irritating interaction with her. Dale's anger at the woman over one such incident finally turned to 'God Bless our mail person' when the woman goes by. Yes, there is still irritation over the woman's sour disposition, but at least Dale's counter action with those words help.

Kindness is never outdated. Even when you do not really feel the other person does not deserve it. Longing to be more than you are or think you can be is a malady that most of you share. Always strive to do/be more, at the same time honoring yourself in who you are with love and acceptance. (Don't let that longing control your life.)

Last month, Lily warned you about interaction with others and the dangers. Now, you can return to your normal actions while out in public, just be aware at all times of your surroundings as you always should. But smiling at people, opening doors (or not being irritated when you are loaded with bags or books and no one opens the door for you) will go a long way in helping the Universe in its efforts to balance the energy all are feeling. Little things help. Thoughts can help or hinder.

So, I guess the bottom line here is to forgive and move on to a happier experience for yourself... radiate that beautiful energy to others and to the Universe... it is heavenly.


Lily: Those of you that are having difficulties... illness, anger, depression... oh, so many things can be described as difficulties to experience, I suggest you slow down and examine the individual elements that make up that difficulty. I also urge you to examine your own motives and thought processes as you face anything uncomfortable in your life.

So many times what you perceive to be a reality is not truly so... especially if you are trying to understand the motives of someone else. Are you having problems with a friend, a family member, a business associate? Look at the issue, what kind of 'you' do you present to them? Example: Let's say you are working with people that you perceive as 'difficult' or they don't involve you in their activities outside the workplace.

Suppose there is one individual that comes into work every morning singing and friendly and jovial. You might feel intimidated, embarrassed, even angry at that person for putting on such a 'front' when most people are not happy with the work situation.

This is a pure example of looking inside of yourself, your attitude about life and those you are working with, and especially the workplace and your boss. A lot of it stems from you being unhappy with either the people you work with or the work itself.

The only thing for you to do is to find a different employment or accept those you are working with daily. If you do neither of those things, you are doomed to be very unhappy in this environment and will have a decent downward in your work. So much will depend on this very thing. If you will accept it all and do your very best in your work ethics and try to conform to those around you, you will find more happiness in your daily work environment.

To be able to accept what you cannot change is a Blessing and it does take a lot of faith and trust that you can make a difference... just with your attitude and the changes you can make within yourself.

Do you care? Do you want to change? You cannot change others or even the workplace environment... you can only change yourself. This is also true of any part of your life that you find you are unhappy with, what can YOU change? Is there anything you can do to help make those changes? Again... you only have control of YOU, you can only change YOU, and sometimes if you go about it properly and not make waves, you can actually make changes in others and in your work environment.


Bartholomew: In forward thinking, creativity, new ideas... there are always obstacles to move through or around. The best way to bring out your own deep creativity is to believe that you are truly creative, even if you feel certain you have not experienced it before. There are many ways to dig deep and release the barriers to your innate creativity, but the most important one IS that belief that it is just buried and you are digging deeper to find and release it.

To begin, just imagine seeing yourself sitting in a chair in front of the true you. Actually, that essence is the true you, too. See the word creativity deep inside... maybe it is wrapped in a beautiful color of your choosing.

But imagine that there is a barrier surrounding the word and color. You can just make it black, or see the barrier made of bricks, iron, or some other material. You might see a thick shield of glass that is hard to get through, but whatever it is you must begin to chip away at it. You must do this task on your own... your Angels or Michael or God or any of us cannot help you.

I promise if you do this, you will eventually break the barrier and it will begin to disappear. You just might surprise yourself with the new energy and thought processes that are released to you.

Good luck and God Bless


Melchezidek: In order to push forward, one must have a direction that they desire to travel. If you are unsure, just pray/meditate on guidance for the proper direction/goal that is highest and best for you.

Development of that direction and the goal may be slow until you reach a certain point in your development that traditionally (Spiritually) means you are ready for that change in your life. When I say Spiritually, I mean that it must be a part of you, of your heart, your idealism. Many of you do not even know what your goal might be, but we do and often, if you do know, it will change somewhat... maybe even drastically from the goal you had in mind originally.

I'm asking you to trust and know that your best interest is our best interest also. As you and we continue to work together to get you safely to that common goal, it will be our pleasure to help you know in your heart that all is well.


Jesus: Dreamtime can be many things, it can also portend a future event... and many times that kind of dream can be a warning.

Suppose you dream of a disaster of some kind... let's say a huge tornado coming toward you, and you awaken before to gets to you. Usually this kind of dream will happen just before you awaken, so that you can remember it clearly.

You might be worried about what it means. A tornado can be devastating in many ways, even portend death and destruction to you or someone you love.

I suggest instead of worrying, give it to myself. Ask me for ideas about what it means. No, I cannot give you the answer directly because it might be something you need to experience, but if you pray about it and take time to quieten your mind and meditate about it, you might 'see' what the problem will be. If it is something you can change at this time... do so. If you are unsure about what to do... again.... pray about it.

Usually, if you will make an effort, you and we can 'clean up' the problem before it happens. Some of you dream of the death of a loved one or a friend before it happens. That, my child, is truly a gift that helps you understand that you are ready to develop your Divine psychic gifts even further. So, if you should have a dream of the death of someone, just surround them in love and Light and pray for them and their sacred journey home.

Another kind of dream is one that you see your own death. This is practically never the death of your physical body, it means a major change in your life. For instance Dale dreamt of her own death when she was 16 and that was a long time before she awakened to our world. In fact, it was about 40 years later that major change happened. The death of her old way of life into the channel and medium that she is today.

If you can remember to not fear your dreams, you can move along quickly into your future. Fear always slows progress down.


Melchezidek: From time to time, you will find that your life can be absolutely perfect. Those times are to be enjoyed and strengthen you for the challenges you will meet with while on Earth.

If you were to have those absolutely perfect times in your life continuously, you would typically get tired of the monotony and rebel... create some problems or adventures just to experience something different.

There are so many of you that are gradually changing your life in many ways that you will look back someday and say, "who is that person I used to be". Sometimes the changes you create are hardly what you expected with so many different challenges than the ones you had before. It does not matter what journey you take on Earth or how many times that journey turns out to be a disappointment, there are always ups and downs in any path taken.

Suppose you chose to become a psychic. You read all the books you could get, attended classes and meditations. You were so excited about this journey that you left all things of your old life behind and created a whole new you. Some psychics even change their name, or at least use a different name for their business if they decide to go in that direction.

For years, you continued to learn and grow until you became quite good at this new you as a psychic. Many people came to you and depended on you, and yet... you still had doubts about your value... if you were really helping people.

Actually, this could be any endeavor in any business, and have a similar story line.

Being aware of who you are and your own value as a person, as a psychic, and one of God's children.... this is where you begin to plant a good foundation for the future. Yes, there will probably be set backs... maybe someone disagrees with your reading, or tries to prove to you that you were wrong. To someone that does not trust themselves fully, that can be devastating. But if you will look at all the other reading that have been good...even excellent, you should be able to say that there had to be some Divine reason for that particular message to come through, and let it go.

By allowing yourself some credit for the good, and very little credit for the bad, you will find more balance in your life. The reason I am giving you this information is because so many of you have the desire to communicate with us, and that usually opens the door to your own psychic abilities. In doing so, there is great joy and excitement, and yet there are always challenges and disappointments, too.

I do encourage you to explore all facets of whatever journey you are on or planning to be on, so you will not be overly surprised or disappointed at the challenges that are created.

August, 2018

Michael: When a soul decides to journey to Earth, there is a long list of rules and regulations in place... most of them are directions for actions to be taken if any of the major rules are ignored. Those rules are in place because the incarnate soul has created them as guidelines for the journey. The incarnate soul places trust in the Higher Self, Over Soul, and even their personal Angels to help with the journey.

As the soul has created the emotional and other human characteristics based on what he/she wants to experience, there is a fine line between past life issues and present life actions.

Most of you will live your life on Earth either taking responsibility or blaming another for all the things experienced. Most of you never realize that all major happenings in your life have a true cause and effect based on what your own incarnate soul created for your journey, and that often some kind of thought, idea, learning exposure will be a part of your reality either immediately or somewhere in the future.

There will always be a reason for all things in your life that are pleasant, as well as unpleasant. The most important thing here is to realize that life on Earth is not usually an easy path to follow. Even those of you that are gifted can often feel lost. Being aware that you are not judged so much as you are living your own guidelines for your own journey is important and that all things will eventually be understood and accepted again.

God Bless


Lily: From this day forward, there will always be challenges... just as in the past. It is how you approach those challenges that will guide you into the future. Some of you don't really care at this moment, but I know that deep down into the center of your being you do care.

It is with the utmost compassion that I tell you that you are not at all lost or in danger of those horrible things some preachers try to instill in the parishioners. It is with the utmost compassion that I ask you to realize that your own happiness is in your hands.

There is no magic to it, simply be yourself and try to do good each day... for yourself and for others. When you try... that is the miracle that begins. One day you will find that there is peace in your life, whether you are involved with us on a personal basis or not.

What is it that you believe? Do you believe that you are in control of your life? Yes... you are to a great degree, but as Michael and Matthew are discussing in this newsletter, much of your control is by the guidelines that brought you into this world called Earth.

Those of you that face daily challenges in work, family, friends... in so many other areas of your life are facing a mixture of your own control efforts as well as the guidelines laid out for you by your own Higher Self and incarnate soul before coming to this life on Earth.

To face a truth... your life on Earth is as you make it.


Matthew: For a little while, when Dale first opened to Spirit, we were best of friends, and I loved the interaction on a daily basis. One day, as time went on, there was a misunderstanding... yes, even in our Spirit world action with those of you that can communicate with us... there are misunderstandings at times.

Our misunderstanding had to do with lessons that her incarnate soul had on her agenda as human during this life on Earth. The most important acknowledgement here is that I, as her Over Soul, can do nothing on my own to interfere with her daily journey... neither can your Over Soul. We sign on to the 'job' because we are a part of your world when you are at 'home' and we do it because we love the facet of soul that journeys to Earth or any other planet of any Universe.

I also answer to her Higher Self, so... again... I can do nothing without answering to that Higher Self or eventually the incarnate soul as she returns to her true home.

My message to each of you that have the ability to interact with us on a conscious level is that you are loved, no matter what you may feel or think. That we are unable to do anything to harm you, and we would never do so even if we could.

Betrayal is unthinkable, but in our efforts to follow guidelines, we are often blamed. I feel it is immensely important to create trust and respect for one another, when that is broken through a misunderstanding, it is ultimately impossible to regain. This is when my work as an Over Soul becomes very hard and not at all enjoyable.

When you, as human, let go of Earth and return to your true home, you will finally learn truth and that is when we can become friends again.


Melchezidek: When you have a trusted friend that has suddenly turned on you in some way, how do you accept that person? Do you blame that person for the change in the relationship? Do you accept the person they are now and move on?

Often you can remove yourself from that person and never see them again. But what if they are family and you have to face them from time to time, have to interact with them on some level? Again... be in control of your own emotions and move forward accordingly. It is vitally important that you remove the emotional attachments and see yourself as being in control of yourself... your emotions.

The tragedy happens when you get so involved with feeling the past, knowing it is not real... maybe has never been real. If that is the case, remove the past. Recognize that person for who they are today and then try to honor the new relationship.

The reasoning behind all of this is that your challenge is an emotional attachment. That emotional attachment can destroy you if you allow it to. Too much depends on how you handle this relationship.

While trying to establish a new relationship with those you feel distant, it is vitally important to hold no blame.


Lily: Today is a beautiful day to begin again. As I asked you earlier... what is it that you really want? When you are unsure, just tackle the day you are in and do what needs to be done. As you do this, you will see more and more things that need to be done as well. In time, you will be able to look around and see the progress you've made. I commend you if you have not just sat down and given up. That is not the direction to go.

I know that some of you have an illness of some kind and that will often make you tire easily... but even you can do bits and pieces during your day to feel some accomplishment. If you were in bed all day yesterday and you got up today and moved around a bit... that in itself is accomplishment. Maybe tomorrow you will be able to do even more.

Don't worry about what others can and will do in a day's time. Just do what you can and (again) try to do more each day.
God Bless


Metatron: Justification for the changes in energy is as simple as understanding that Earth is receiving more balance from the Universe, which will affect each of you in various ways. Any unusual feelings, such as being extra hungry, stomach issues, more pain should subside within a few days to a week. Most of the issues will affect the endocrine system of each of you.

For now, if the issues are not too uncomfortable, try to allow with whatever you need to help you feel better. If the problem becomes too painful, do see your physical doctor for relief.


Damien: Journeys into other parts of the world are as simple as thinking. There are many meditations and books that can help you Astral travel. Dale even has a guided meditation created by Michael for astral travel and has used it often for her meditation groups.

The one thing we ask you is to remember to say your prayer of protection... it can be long and elaborate, or short and to the point... it does not matter as long as you do so. The importance here is mainly to remind you to be mindful and protected from other sources of energies as you travel.

Your guardians are always travelling with you and it's perfectly safe, but an example will help you understand. Awhile back Michael had been to an area of the Universe that held a kind of energy that Dale was allergic to. He forgot to clear his own energy and when he came in to work with Dale, it felt like a very heavy blanket covered her. He immediately removed it and himself to clear the energy away completely.

As you travel, you can encounter many different kinds of energy... none that can truly harm you, but your prayer will surround you with God's love and Light like a bubble and will keep all energies away from you except the really nice ones.

So, once protected, please proceed any place in the world and be open to feeling the energy of each place. What a wonderful journey awaits you. Again, it's as simple as 'thought'.



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