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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




November, 2017

Michael: Today we speak of true evil. I tell you there is nothing in the Universe... or on Earth... that is pure (or all) evil. As God created all things, there is a spark of God's energy in all things.

Consider that you began life as that spark (soul) of God... inquisitive, controlling, eager to experience life in all its various ways. So here you are at the earliest point of life as soul and you desire to experience life on Earth or one of the other many living planet just to see what it is all about. As soul, you've observed others as they live on the different planets, so you finally decide on Earth as your first adventure. (This is not always true, you know... many of you chose other areas of other universes as your first journey, but we will use Earth for this demonstration).

A 'baby' or immature soul on its first journey is like an overly energetic teen human... overly confident and brash... a 'know it all', because in their observations they often say, "I can do better than that" or "I know how to fix that problem". And in their journey on Earth, even though they have forgotten all the basics, they begin to experience life and the challenges they put into that life, as well as normal challenges in living on Earth and all it has to offer.

Earth's energy is very heavy compared to the home they just came from, and that is one thing that creates problems in balance and focused thought and recognizing that action has consequences. Now... here I will say that most will go through this first life without any major 'dark' issues and will return to their homeland at the end of that Earth life and be quite proud of that life as they observe it in the Akashic Records. But our young brash soul that we will follow will have other issues.

This particular soul gets involved in drugs and is adept at magic... a very potent and dangerous combination. Even white or light magic can trigger an awakening of those of the dark that are more powerful, so magic is best to be avoided. (Magic consists of anything that utilizes energy to control others in anyway.)

So our young soul (as human) actually becomes more involved in a fight for power with another young soul (human) and eventually ends up killing the other. He sees no wrong in what he did... he feels compelled to be proud of his abilities and his control over others as the leader.

Our baby soul's physical body eventually dies and in death he stays on Earth instead of returning to his homeland to heal. He does have that opportunity to return home to work through his problems with the life he just lived and to learn right from wrong in his experiences, then to create another life made up of much karma to live. (That life does not necessarily have to be lived on Earth again... one can pay back karma anywhere in any universe.)

As soul spirit with no body, he will drift until he finds others that may or may not desire to follow him (bully in body, bully in Spirit... before releasing Earth, the soul holds the same personality traits as in human form.) Since this human was addicted to drugs, the soul is also sick and will continue to be so until he can be brought back home.

This soul was also involved in black magic and so continues to create problems and can create problems for other humans. Dale and I clear homes as well as helping other people release negative or evil energy that seems to follow them. When we encounter a soul that has become a problem such as the one described above, I simply take them out into the universe and release them. They cannot return to Earth or any other planet until they return to their true home to be rehabilitated.

Dale asks why I do not take them to the half way house (what she calls a hospital-like place where this can happen). I say I cannot do that because of that soul's free will. As they are released into the Universal energy they will be reintroduced to Light vs. Dark energy and will ultimately make the choice of how they want to live their future. Most always they return to the Light and their true home. If not, they will continue life, but it will be on a planet that is vastly unlike beautiful Earth.

Now, remember I said all living things have a spark of God's love and Light? So let's say our baby soul is on this dark planet and this is where that spark, which is God, begins to work. If that soul will realize there is more to life than the way he/she is living and ask for help and forgiveness, they can be instantly transported back to the half way house to begin a true healing.

Remember, too... there are very few souls that experience this harsh life. Most souls that die from an overdose or other reasons related to drugs go straight to the half way house and often right on to their true home. We are sharing this with you because it is another way to understand soul's opportunities and challenges.

If all this raises more questions, please do contact Dale so we can help you understand more deeply.


Lily: Learning right from wrong on your Earth journey is often a very hard and painful experience. When you are clairaudient and can hear Spirit's guidance, you expect to hear that guidance in words. You have such respect for our words that you would honor and know truth from those words.

Often your soul will have other ideas and desire not words, but action. Creating something that might be painful mentally, physically, or emotionally... or all three... to make a lasting impression on that right or wrong.

Possibilities are astoundingly abundant and it is best to keep it simple. Let's suppose you have created a painful experience for someone else... maybe you were rude to that person to the point it made that person and maybe others uncomfortable. In that rudeness, you were flippant and unfeeling of the other person's feelings.

No, this was not a great sin... but it was a sin none the less.

Your Higher Self did not like the person you were at that moment so decided to create a place where you were the receiver of such animosity from others. You were encouraged to act impulsively with a person and were renounced by that person and that person shared the experience with others which created even more dislike of you.

In this example, there are reasons that you needed to learn more compassion with others and in doing so, the best way was to live the distress the original person felt when you were rude.

Most of you will never know the interaction that your Higher Self and Over Soul have in your life lived on Earth. There are so many experiences that seem normal to life, but are created to have a resounding affect on you so that you learn emphatically about certain things... such as compassion.

It is done in love, not punishment... though some of you will never see it as love. I can only reassure you that you will eventually appreciate Higher Self's efforts.


Bartholomew: When a soul chooses a life purpose, it is very hard to choose just one. Some will try to put in a secondary one, but it always will create problems.

Your life purpose on Earth can be one of many things... a few examples: Healer, Spiritual, forgiveness, journeying, naturalist, protector, teacher, helper, and so many more... even to become a millionaire. The idea is to experience as many different ways as possible on your journey that will bring you back to the basic life purpose you chose.

Obviously, anything you might experience while on your Earth journey can be used as a guide toward your life purpose, so the few words that explain your life purpose are just a base for a larger experience in life to draw upon.

If you have not recognized your life purpose yet, pray about it, meditate about it, visit your Akashic records or Higher Self with that question in mind, or next time you visit with a psychic or channel you can ask about yours.

One reason you can have only one is because there is such a broad array of experiences that contribute to it. And, yes... all those experiences will help in other future life purpose decisions, too. Each life on Earth or any planet can and probably will have a different life purpose.

When you stray from your original life plan, you will find that many things will happen to bring you back to it. One way is for you to begin thinking about ways to find who you are and why you are and eventually you will find what you are looking for.

Have you lost your focus on who you are and in finding enjoyment in the life you are living? It may be because you have strayed from your life plan or it may be because you are ready to begin a new phase of that plan. Be patient and know the best is yet to come.


Matthew: For those of you that are traveling a road to success... and I do pray that you all are... please understand that your idea of success and abundance is not always your soul's. Simply speaking, you could be a pauper on the street and still be a success to your soul's growth.

If you feel you are on a Spiritual journey and it becomes your personal and business life, you are well on your way to the many challenges we've been speaking of. A journey of faith and trust is about being able to overcome the many disappointments that life on Earth can bring to you.

That Spiritual journey can bring unusual challenges to add to the ones that you encounter in your everyday life. Those of you that live in two different worlds trying to bring balance to both will evolve very quickly because it is practically impossible to live in peace while doing so.

Another example: You have your daily routine with family, work, house, etc., and you also desire to study Esoteric works, meditate, commune with your Angels, guides, and teachers that are near. The problem is that there is not enough time to do either true justice. We do commend you for your efforts, but unless you put your heart and soul into one or the other, you will not be able to maintain that balance. My suggestion is to continue to make the effort, see where it takes you. Don't feel guilty about not spending as much time as you would like in our world, because the more important one is the exposure and interaction with other humans, family, your daily Earth routine. A small portion of that day can be devoted to us now, and someday in the future when you have more time, you can immerse yourself in our world if you still desire to do so.

My efforts to help you understand that the equation must weigh more heavily on the human instead of us is important because if that becomes an issue and you tend to get lost in our world and interaction with us instead of your human journey, there will be confusion and challenges that will move you out of our world.

We will not be lost to you, we will just maintain a distance until that balance is again just that... balance.

October, 2017

Michael: When one is frightened about certain elements of life and death, it takes away from the pleasure of the present. Total understanding is impossible for those on Earth... mainly because the elements of experiences and challenges have to be recognized as part of one's growth.

We talk a lot about soul growth mainly because that is typically the main reason for being on Earth or other living planets, but most of you chose to come to Earth this time to be extra strength for Earth in her transition from one dimension to another. That journey is mostly complete, and as we have said in the past, it is the main reason that so many people are choosing to return to their true home at this time. Since you, as soul, decided to come help Earth in that transition... you, as soul, also wanted to create some challenges for that soul growth.... and yes, even if you didn't face any challenges, your education and growth would continue just because you are here. But it is looked upon as wasted time to some degree not to create some issues to face while here.

Fortunately, Earth's weather issues, as well as earthquakes are helping many to return to their true homes. It is unfortunate that so much fear is created in the process. The unusual weather and inner earth activities and upsets will calm over the next few years. It is all a part of Earth's settling into her new space and the divergent energy trying to accommodate her.

While one is trying to become a part of new territory, the other is trying help, but the energies are so different that it creates a bit of chaos for awhile.

Another area that I would like to speak about is your own desires for change in your life. Yes, we have spoken about this in the past, too... but it is wise to remind you that all things happen in their own proper time. Just remember the best is yet to come and to have patience till it does. This refers to those of you that cannot make up your mind about what you want in your future, as well as those that know what you desire but circumstances keep you where you are in the present.

As has been said... dream big in your desires for the future and keep the faith.

Interestingly enough, some of you will become more settled where you are and accept your circumstances with gratitude. If you are one of those, just know you have made your soul very happy because that is a true sign of growth.

There will be many more Earth changes over the next few years, and there will be many more changes for you, too. Life is ever changing no matter where you are, but opening your heart and mind to change and allowing it gracefully is a wonderful advancement.


Lily: Blessings in one's life are treasures not often recognized till later. The one thought here is that as time goes forward, you will often look at the present 'gifts' in your life and see the trail that led to those gifts.

Misunderstandings and uncertainty often cloud reality, but it is important to keep a positive outlook and continue praying for a positive outcome. You just might wake up one day to being in tune with your life and knowing that whatever happens in the future you will be ok. Courage and tenacity is needed while on your Earth's journey. They will get you through till you realize you need faith and trust in God and those of us that are there to help guide you.

Many of you will remember the bit from the Bible about 'mustard seed faith'. The whole of it is: {"Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you"... Matthew 17:20}.

If you will look deeper into those words... imagine your mountains in your life at this time... know in your heart that the mountains you face in your life will always eventually diminish. Having faith that this is true can help to eliminate the fear and uncertainty that surround the major challenges in your life.

God loves each of you, and we are proof of that because we (your inner circle of Angels, Guides, and teachers) are with you. I know many of you even doubt this truth... but this is a wonderful beginning to practice having faith that we are real in your life.

We cannot save you from yourself... there are many experiences and challenges that you have created on a soul level before entering with Earth again... but we do what you (as soul) will allow. And always... ALWAYS... we pray for you.


Bartholomew: After years of experience on Earth, I have chosen to be a teacher to those of you that decide to dwell there for awhile. It is comforting to be recognized by many, but just a Enoch said... there are many of us that have channeled through a few, but we are not as well known.

When I choose to work with someone like Dale, there are certain criteria that must be met... actually the same is for her working with someone like me. It is a mutual agreement. Actually, I've worked with Dale (and many other of you) even at your homeland, so it was easy to create an agreement to work with her and some of you now.

A part of that agreement was/is that I shall not interfere in times of major conflict or challenge. It's hard not to jump right in with the needed guidance or 'push' in the best direction... but it is not my life being experienced and so I do stand back at those times.

When one of my students is trying to work through issues that are not a vital challenge, I am allowed share information and guidance. There are times that I disagree with certain challenges presented. I speak out to the Higher Self and counsel, but I still must follow their decisions.

Your life on Earth is much more complicated than you can imagine, and you have more guidance than you can imagine... most of you don't even realize the guidance and the many ways we can deliver it. I'm here to tell you that you are loved and it is with great pleasure when you are released from the 'binds' that hold you on the soul contract.

Some of you will be released from your soul contract well before death of your physical body. When this happens, you will feel lighter, more energy, and it will be much easier with your decision making processes. The confusing fog will lift a bit, and you will be able to see different possibilities. You will actually be clearing away some of the barriers created for this journey on Earth.

For now, just remember to have faith and patience... dream big about what you want in your future.


A question from Shannon Byers,
author of: "How NOT to be a Ghost Hunter" and
"Paranormal Fakelore, Nevermore: Real Histories of Haunted Locations"

There are a lot of guided meditations out there by Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and a couple others but none from Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadekiel etc. Do they not have anything to say or is it just not their thing? Are they the silent type?

Enoch answers: The truth is simply that Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron are more well known... and they have more to say. Their interaction with the human race is one that is treasured, not only by many humans, but by those of us in Spirit, too.

When Dale first started her work with Michael, she learned that 'Michael' was a 'cover name' for many of those that desired to work with/through her to get their messages out. She learned that Michael was/is 'the way'... meaning that through Michael's energy she was able to work with and communicate with many.

Not all of us have the desire to interact closely or on a full time basis as Michael, Gabriel, and Metatron.... but if you do deeper research, you will find that even I have and do channel through some and even have a few books on the Earth market.

It is a great responsibility for any of us to take on a human to be a full time teacher as Michael is to Dale and so many others. His energy, as is Gabriel's and Metatron's is a much stronger energy so that they are able to work with so many at one time.

Those of us that channel through only a few have decided to do just that and so we are not so well known. Also... look at the names of the Angels that are mentioned the most in the Bible... those three are more widely known and accepted.

Now... to educate you a bit more... just ask for any of those lesser known Angels/teachers to come visit with you. Even though they will not be with you full time, they will be delighted to visit with you and communicate. If you decide to do this, I suggest you read about and learn more about the different ones you desire to interact with. Also... think about interaction with the different Saints, as well.

And what about God, Jesus, and Mother Mary? Do not doubt when they do interact with you. I know so many of you have doubts, but do trust. Just say your prayer of protection, quiet yourself and give it a try.


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