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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




March, 2018

Lily: This month, be sure to welcome Spring and all the beautiful flowers and the trees as they start their new journeys. It's a time of renewal, much like the new year, and it's a time to clean house. Clean your inner house letting go of all those painful memories and experiences of the past. It is a time to really look at yourself... your life... and decide if you are happy with what you see or if you want to change some things.

Easter is just a short month away, so again... search the inner you and find if there is anything you would like to release... then ask God to help you sweep away all those things that are not good for you. This is an excellent time for renewal.


Michael: Thousands of years ago, when the Earth was younger, many of you ventured there to experience the life offered at that time.

Obviously, things have changed greatly, and there are many conveniences available in your life now. The one thing that you need to focus on, just as you did back then, is the accessibility of the natural healers that Earth has to offer. Nature is full of remedies for all kinds of maladies... even many diseases can be eliminated by the offerings from Nature.

It takes time to study and learn about what is good for you and what might make you ill or even kill you, but it can be done. Modern men and women typically depend only on what the doctors have to offer. It is easy and fast, but not always good for you, most prescriptions have many possible side effects that might make you more ill than you were before.

I do feel it is the right thing to do to discuss ailments with your physician, but it also would be a good thing to learn more about the natural healing ingredients that might be growing in your garden or nearby woods.

There are volumes of books and even some websites on your internet that can guide you, but before you truly rely on Mother Nature's healing remedies, you must look at every aspect of anything you might put into your physical body, as well as the interaction with other medications or even vitamins and minerals you may be taking.

It's a wonderful journey, but as I said... you have to devote a lot of time on this particular journey. A shorter way to get there is to find a doctor of nature that is already knowledgeable, and work with him or her to be a healthier you.


Jonathan: As a soul we are not all alike, but we are of a similar energy. Also, as a soul, you are boundless and have the ability to soar outside of the physical you to greater heights and depths than you can ever recognize on the physical level.


Bartholomew: Are you in a quandary about your future? Do you know in your heart you are not where you should be or doing what would bring more peace and happiness in your life? I happen to know that many of you... if not most... are in that space presently.

The answer is simple... keep looking for possibilities... that is 'stirring the pot of possibilities' and also helping to focus on manifesting new things in your life. But, and this is a big one... you need to talk to your God and your Angels. Ask for help in creating the right future for yourself.

A human on Earth always feels he/she needs to be in control, to push forward... to create your own reality. But what if you don't really know what it is that would bring happiness and peace to you? Truly, I tell you that we (your people in Spirit) and God already know and we are all waiting for you to give up and let us lead you to your happy place in the future.

No, this will not happen overnight, or in a week or sometimes even in a year because you have to learn to let go. And you might ask how to let go of control. I tell you to put it in practice to meditate about it, talk to your Angels and God about it. Ask for help in letting go. A major problem is worrying about the next step, growing old, your future.... let go of worry. Remind yourself when you realize you are worrying or obsessing about something to just let go and trust.

It is time to learn to turn control over to someone besides yourself or another human. It is time to trust that this is one of the major reasons you came to Earth at this time... a time when there is so much fight for control in all elements of your life. Learning to let go and let God is the only way to find the peace and joy that all are searching for.

For now, when you face a major decision in your life... take time to talk to your Angels and God... take time to look at the different options clearly... don't just jump in... give it time.


Melchizedek: A wonderful time for interaction with all of nature at its most beautiful comes only once a year... Well, at least for those of you that love Spring best. As was said, it is a time of renewal and rebirth... to grow and make changes in your life.

This year, especially, holds energy for making those needed changes. It is of astrological influences that this whole year and a bit beyond will help you to make those changes, and in some cases will force you to do so. You are all Divinely guided, yet so many of you do not realize this important fact... actually many of you are at war with it.

As you continue your life on Earth, it is important to have some goal in mind. Yes... it is also important to have a plan created to reach that goal. But I do tell you that if God has other plans, then your goals and path to that goal will change accordingly.

The avenues to greatness are many. It does not have to be greatness to fame or riches, it only has to be that you love and accept yourself and your life and know that you are in the right place for as long as you are in that place. When the time is right, the changes will happen.

An example... if you are searching for another home and you found one, but for some reason the house did not pass it's inspection... all is well. Yes, you may be disappointed or you may be relieved... but all is well.

You find another, and the same thing happens again... all is well. Remember that all things happen in its right time. You may be able to come to an understanding and purchase that house... or you may continue to look elsewhere... both are right, if you feel it is right. Before you decide, look through the house again and make sure it is what you truly desire, then move forward.

This example is focused on a house... but your dilemma may be on any number of subjects... always look at the subject of your uncertainty at least twice and hopefully more than that to satisfy your own heart and awareness.

The human makes more problems out of decision making than you need to. I understand you are limited with the knowledge at hand, but do try to research whatever it is that you are trying to do. The more you know about a 'thing', the easier it is to make the a decision that you will have few or no regrets with.

Another area of concern is what we call the shadow self. Each of you have conflicting energies within you. The 'good' and the 'bad'... actually if you look closely into your past, you will recognize that you have agonized over decisions all your life. The confusion comes from what you feel is right compared to what others or society says is right.

The Shadow self is one that holds all of those negative feelings about yourself... wrong decisions as well as pain from criticism from others. All manner of negative feelings can be found in the Shadow Self and that is a facet of the subconscious and unconscious you. Reaching that area is as simple as having the intention of healing the Shadow Self. Ask your Angels to help you to do so, ask God or the Higher Power that you might believe in... ask your Higher Self and Over Soul to help. Then just relax and see what happens.

Usually things happen a little at a time. You might be watching a show on your television and suddenly something in you breaks which can result in tears or anger or any kind of emotion that is not relevant to the show you are watching. You might be in public and see, hear, or smell something that reminds you of some instance in your earlier years that was painful in some way. Pay attention to how you react emotionally and soothe that emotion as best you can, but do not stifle it.

Recognition of the Shadow Self can come at any time and any place, it is up to you how you react... but the reaction and recognition is necessary because the Shadow Self is begging for love and for healing of whatever it is reacting to.

Allowing yourself to again feel that emotion that you are reminded of or reliving is the best thing you can do. You can ask your Angels or God or Higher Self to help you release whatever that memory might be. In many cases, you may not even know what that memory is, that usually means there was more than one memory that encased in that particular happening.

Typically, the Shadow Self is not a danger to the self or anyone else. It is just a sub-personality that needs to be recognized and helped to release certain emotional issues of the past. Many of you already recognize that you are many personalities rolled into this one human that you are. For instance, the mother, father, sister, brother, business person, religious person, and all those inner children that you have experienced in this life... and sometimes from other lifetimes.

If the Shadow Self takes over your daily life, then it is time to seek professional help to release and heal those painful memories that you are holding on to.

The essence of life within each of you is a radiating Light that reaches out to others in many ways. Always try to make that Light brighter each day and in that way, you are already helping that Shadow Self to heal.


DIRECT.... April 15

Dale: Don't know about all of you and this year so far... but for me it feels like Mercury has been in retrograde since the first of the year.

Bartholomew says that it is the energy (again) and that it affects each of us differently. And for those of you that share my sentiments about the year so far, that when Mercury does go retrograde, we will begin to actually feel better and with less chaos. This first fourth of the year will pass, and the rest of the year will feel loads better in all ways.


February, 2018

Michael: So many of you are busy looking for a love in your life. Of course Valentine's Day can be a really great day or a really big downer, especially if you are alone.

But 'alone' is where I want you to start. You really need to learn to love yourself first, and many of you don't even like yourself. Those of you that have been with us for a long time realize how often we talk about energy. If you have learned to love yourself, you are going to find that your energy holds balance and a positive feel not only for you, but for others that come in contact with you.

Cleaning up your area... the inner you, as well as your energy field... can be hard to do and it takes an effort to keep it that way. Suppose you wake up in the morning, and your energy is at a very low ebb... all you want to do is crawl back into bed and you really don't have the energy to do that, so you have your morning coffee or tea or whatever and crawl through the day instead of the bed. If you make no effort to help yourself, we cannot help you either.

Let's restart that morning routine again... same very low energy, but this time you sit quietly alone and recognize that you are in control of this negative start... and you truly are in control, even if you are ill, you still need to clean up your energy. So, this time, as you have your morning wake up drink, and are sitting quietly, you begin to release all negative energy from in and around you to the Universe... then release all energy that is not yours and call your own energy back. Release all cords to and from you, and connect with Mother Earth and ask her for some of her 'magic' energy to help restore you. If you have a morning prayer or meditation, it is time to begin that also.

What you do not realize is that the moment you began to work toward cleaning up your energy, your Angels stepped up and did what they could to help you.

Clearing away all the baggage in your life will help you to see the real you and often you will begin to see your gifts and fine quality 'you' in the process. There are many meditations and books in your world that will help guide you to the inner you that needs love, and truly by learning to love yourself, your energy will attract more happiness and maybe even that special someone that you are looking for. Availability is necessary, also. Getting out in the public, joining groups, a church, any activity... just making yourself available is an important step here. If you are sitting at home feeling bad and feeling sorry for yourself, you will not make much progress.

If all of you could just understand how much love already embraces you energetically, you might realize the beautiful gift from all of us in the Spirit world, and I know it's not the same as having that significant other in your life, but it might get you over the rough patches. So, for all of you in this beautiful month of February and especially around Valentine's Day, be prepared to recognize all kinds of love in your life... not just that of a significant other.


Lily: Transiting from who you were to who you are has been a lifelong activity, and it will not stop because you are on your way to becoming the person you are going to be in the future.

Recognition of who you are right now is very important... it is creating the foundation for your future. If you are involved in activities that you are unhappy with, it's time to close them down. If they are habits that you cannot seem to break, then get help. Actually, it is important to get help Spiritually as well as on the human level.

We are attempting to help Dale move forward in many ways, just as your own people are doing with you. She recognizes some of the ways, but definitely not all, just as you may be aware of some of the ways your own people are helping you. It is always best to just acknowledge the help with a thank you and move on. If you get stuck with trying to be fair to everyone in Spirit and say thank you every time, it is nice but unnecessary.

Absolute involvement with us is not necessary, and not advisable. For instance, if you are trying to connect with us on a moment by moment basis, we will back away and you will only be working with the inner you. Actually, the inner you is quite intelligent... but it is still you. This usually happens in the first few years of communication with your people in Spirit. It is so overwhelming and exciting for many, that they over indulge with us.

The best way to proceed is to set a particular time to meet with us instead of talking with us just anytime. That way you will know and feel the difference. By feeling our presence, you will eventually learn who we are automatically without having to ask.

It is now time to help you understand about creating a good foundation for the future. That one is actually very east if you will consider the elements of each day, what you do with your thoughts and energy, as well as what you are actively involved in. We do like to be one of your good habits, but we do not want you to miss out on your own experiences with your own decisions.


Bartholomew: As was requested, I would like to expand on being around negative energy... that includes people, places and things. As most of you know... all things hold energy. It is best, for your own health, to learn how to read or feel energy present in all things. Energy can make you feel good or bad... but it can also make you sick or help you get well.

Some of you will recognize this from other communications with you. First, close your eyes and think of something that you do not like... really and positively don't like. Feel in your body how that affects you. An example: it pulls Dale's energy down or feels closed, especially around the heart and throat chakras.

Now deep breath, relax and think of something or some place or someone that makes you happy... even joyful. Check how you feel... what is the difference compared with the negative. Again, it brings Dale's energy up, feels really good and happy.

Working with this often will help you develop your sense of what is good or toxic energy for you. One thing that holds bad or negative energy for you may be a positive for another. Play with this idea with the people in your life, where you live compared to other places you have lived or would like to live in the future. Try this even at the grocery store for foods that are right or wrong for you. Well known nutritional items are not always nutritional for you (that can change, so check it each time you go to the store). You are an individual... unlike any other person in the whole universe and especially unlike anyone else on Earth.

Here, with this information, you hold your health for the future. Work with it and know you will have a healthier, happier life.


Matthew: When a person believes in a certain thing, it can be created. This means that if you believe you can create a new home, new car, new Spiritual journey... it can be done. With all these things YOU have to work toward the end product... it does not magically happen without your help. If you really trust and believe and work toward a certain goal, it can and probably will happen... if that goal is a reasonable one.

The major problem most of you have is the belief that you cannot manifest these things in your life. Those doubts can slow you down big time. So, obviously, you will have to learn how to rid yourself of the doubts and the negativity surrounding them.

Some of you have lived a life where things are done for you or given to you. In a few cases, your incarnate soul created that kind of life for you before you were born. In most cases your parents or the one that is 'taking care' of you are learning to let go and allow you to be independent. Also, if you are the one being taken care of you should be learning to be independent and creating your own life and livelihood.

If you are a healthy individual and are living off of someone else, it is time to face your fears and insecurities, to find a job and move on to your independence. Being free means self sacrifice in many ways, but always you will be making your own decisions and helping that person(s) to let go of you because often times they are afraid of losing you completely or afraid that you cannot survive alone.

How to begin? Simply by trying, and keep trying. Finding a proper job may be hard, but find a job... any job, then look for something more suitable as you are still working and paying your way. Often times, a person will need more education to get a proper job. If that is you, then do it.

Being dependent on others when you are healthy and able to do for yourself actually brings on a disease of its own. That disease creates laziness and dissatisfaction. It breeds more laziness and dissatisfaction, and usually the 'caretaker' will tire of having to take care of you which will break the bond of friendship and/or love.

For now, look at your life. Decide what it is that you want in your future and begin to manifest it by actively looking for proper and good ways to get there. There are many people in your country that started with nothing and ended up with a fortune.



Share your miracle/miracles/mysterious unexplained moments with us so we can print them for others to enjoy. Check your memory of the past and be aware of those 'gifts' of the present. I look forward to reading and sharing yours.

from Helen Nave... her husband's experience:

Charlie was working on a school in his crane right up next to a concrete wall that was just put up a couple of day ago. He was waiting on the word to swing some material to the workers when he heard a voice say MOVE THE CRAIN.

He looked everywhere but no one was there so he sat there. In about five minutes a very loud voice in his ear said MOVE YOUR CRAIN NOW!!. So he got out and took up the anchors around the crane and moved it out away from the wall.

As soon as he got the motor cut off the complete concrete wall fell and he was only 3 inches from it. He had debris all over him. Everyone came running around the building because they knew he was dead.

He told them someone told him to move and he did. He had never thought about angels but he did after that day. He had several close calls after that and he knew he was being watched after.


from Dale: I printed this in the February, 2010 newsletter. Michael says it is time to print it again:

(Dale) The spirit of a soldier (named Johnny) that died in the Vietnamese War came through for a niece during a reading today. One of her questions was concerning his feelings about the honor of the Wall that listed all their names (she had visited it recently as it was in the city in which she lives).

The following was his message not only to her, but also to all that will hear and act upon his words:

I was a man… plain and simple… that got caught up in a war not of my making. But it was something that had to be done, according to our leaders… and they were not wrong… it HAD to be done.

I lost my life (I thought) way too early, but now understand that it was a time when I had choices on a soul level. My soul chose to end my life during that time because I was having problems deciding what I truly wanted to do with my life.

As I watched many around me die or be wounded to the point that they wished they were dead, I chose (on that soul level) to end my life in battle and to elevate myself more on that soul level. I should have been a priest or monk, I suppose, because of my belief about war, but could not bring myself to enter into that kind of life.

I chose, instead, to be a ‘journeyman’… a soul that helps other departed souls find their way home. I was lost only for a short time after my death, but through the help of a strong feminine energy of a Vietnamese woman that died in the battle also, was elevated to a space where I could observe my comrades as they died and became confused or lost in what was happening around them.

I wanted so badly to help them, but since I was as impotent as they, I was not able to pull them together to that place where I was. As I left, only one other went with me, and I feel that was because we were close buddies, and he was looking for me, too.

We were ‘taken’ to a hospital-like place where we could heal the wounds our souls experienced during that time. The physical did not exist, and that was another wound to heal.

Eventually I transitioned back to my soul family and learned how to deal with those souls that die in battle. I have helped many cross over… find their way through the door in the veil to safety and I’m proud of what I do. But there are many souls that are still fighting their battles… lost in that horrible energy of battle… and they need to come home.

I ask you to gather those that would understand together and create a loving and healing circle. To imagine yourself over a battlefield… any battlefield whether it be Vietnam, Iraq, World War I or II, the Civil War… the wars existing today... it does not matter… just create that circle of energy and ask the guardians of those souls to try to guide them to it. You will find that your circle can be filled with those wounded soldiers, and they can finally be on their way ‘home’.

I thank you and Paula (our client) for your concern and I thank all of you that will try this… not just once, but many times. God’s Blessings on each and every one of you.

(A note from Michael: you can also do this by calling in your people in spirit (loved ones, Angels, Guides, etc.) to form that circle. You will be perfectly safe.)


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