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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




May, 2020


Michael: Each day that you feel desperate about anything, you will find your energy out of balance. To begin a new journey is to begin with the heart, then open your mind to all possibilities. Embrace the visions that come to you or that you create, but do not get lost in them. Know in your heart that where you end up is exactly where you should be and need to be.

Be persistent in the accumulation of information surrounding whatever it is that you desire to create in your life, but do not feel desperate. You are striving for a balance in who you are and those things you desire in your life, as well as your present situation as well as the possibilities of the future.

Plan for your future knowing that you are safe and secure in your present and if your future does not change, then know you are exactly where you should be and who you should be.

Above all, create your dream board with love and recognizing that miracles happen daily and that nothing is truly impossible. Have I confused you? I do not mean to, but it is a fine line between being desperate for a certain thing to be and allowing time to work its magic.

Now, on to another subject. Preparing for the future is exactly what all of you need to be focused on at this time. As the illnesses begin to dissipate, and people's lives get back to normal, you will find many that are still quite terrified to be out in public without the gloves and mask. Be pleasant without judgment... assume they have an immune issue and they are trying to protect the self from all germs. There are many that will still let go of Earth in the name of this epidemic, and yet... it is their prerogative to do so, mainly on the soul level.

Most of you reading these words have been safe from the virus and it is important to realize that many of you came into this world and this particular illness with an immunity. You are here as emissaries of love and light, to do your best to stay as healthy as possible and to share your ideas, thoughts, prayers and lots of positive energy whenever you can.

Be patient. Live knowing that tomorrow will come in its own time. God Bless


Michael: As far as the eye can see, there is beauty in all things. Absolute awareness of all things, people, places and the beauty within is a step into God's creations with love.

As we have spoken about changes above, I do have one more thing to share... be aware of the energy as you create, and know that when the energy does not feel right, it should be released.

Now, with that said, I will say good day to you and pray that all positive changes fall into place quickly.


Lily: From now on, there will be major intersections in all your lives. Those intersections will introduce different directions for you. Choices... that is what the future holds. You are probably thinking that is what life has always been, but I tell you these choices will be different... and NOT so difficult.

There are no wrong directions, only experiences that are of a positive nature. Sometimes there will be uncertainty and you will believe you made a wrong choice until all becomes clear and you will be grateful for the choice you made.

I believe in each of you and know that each of you desire only the best for all. Even when you have problems with another and might be angry or disdainful of another, none of you wish harm to that individual... and that is a clue to remember.

This year and 2021 will be very active in making the choices I speak of, then those opportunities will slow down considerably even as time seems to speed up. Do not despair of the lessening of your time on Earth... remember that you are visitors to Earth and eventually you will return to your true home.

So continue your journey on Earth with an open mind, open heart, and a desire to create new journeys and adventures, because it will happen. As the pandemic is moving away, still be aware of cleanliness, of wiping down the baskets at the groceries, you might even take your own just in case stores do not provide such things. Continue to care for yourself and others.


Bartholomew: Evidence of the lessening of the virus is reported daily in your news media, and yet there are still people letting go of Earth daily, so continue your prayers for all people of Earth, and for Earth herself.

Dale is concerned also about the animals losing the loved people that cared for them, so I remind you and her that the animals have a journey of their own to complete. On a soul level, they are as humans... they created the life they are living and the experiences that they are involved in. I know it hurts to think of them losing homes and loved ones, but you can only do what you can... pray for them and maybe donate to the shelters that are overloaded with animals for any reason.

The riches of your life are all around you. Open your eyes and recognize them, and be grateful.

Lily spoke a bit about the changes that are taking place, even as I write this, many of you are already involved in choices to be made. Do not be in a hurry, think about the choices, pray about them, feel the energy of them, and when you feel you are ready, go ahead and make that change. In feeling the energy, you also need to use your head and your heart, you will not go wrong.

Be present wherever you are. Yes, you are involved with creating and learning about the future, but you also need to recognize the beauty and possibilities of this day. Rejoice in this day, see its beauty and take time to play.

It is time to recognize Earth as a living major element of your life. You can make her even more beautiful by adding your own touches to her... plant some flowers, bushes, maybe even a tree or two and know that you have done well.

So, as I say goodbye to you for this newsletter, remember that I, Bartholomew, am a Universal teacher and available to all.

April, 2020

CELEBRATE EASTER...know in your heart it is a gift to each of you!


Michael: As we have spoken before... this is a year of creativity and change. I guarantee that by the end of 2020, each of you will have made at least one major change in your life. You do not have to do anything alone, ask your Angels for help. But be aware that the help might come in unusual ways.

In any major change there are challenges, so do what you can ahead of time. For instance if there is a movement from one city to another or even one house to another nearby, get busy on the basics. Clear out un-needed items, sell or give away. Begin to pack items you no longer need, but want to keep, and find a place to store them out of your way. If you are aware of problems ahead of time, do what you can to find a remedy.

If you are ready to release a relationship, you must be aware of the temperament of the person you are releasing first and foremost. Most of you are in relationships that are not dangerous, but if you are one that finds yourself in jeopardy or in fear of the person to be released, find help. There are organizations, especially in the larger cities that can help you find a way to be safe and move on.

For the rest of you that know you are safe, discuss options with the other person. Try to help that person understand your thoughts and why you need to move on. When one person just drops out of another's life without explanation, it leaves the other person in a quandary of 'why'. It is important to try to close the relationship on both sides. Yes, it often hurts, and the other person may still not understand, but at least you tried.

For those of you that have a desire to truly connect and work with the soul and Higher Self of the other person, it is quite easy. Simply call the person's name 3 times, imagine the person standing in front of you, and say, "Thank you for coming, God's love and protection surround us and He loves us equally. I ask your forgiveness for anything I have done to hurt or harm you in this or any other life. Please know that I forgive you, also." You might explain your intention and ask for help from that Higher Self, then when you feel ready, say..."Thank you, again. I release your energy completely and call back my own energy."

These ideas are for any kind of relationship... marriage partner, family, friend, even in business... it does not matter. If you start with an explanation (gently done without blame), it will pave the way to love, understanding, and forgiveness for all concerned. (Gently done without blame example: instead of saying, "He/she is psychotic and I hate him/her,", you might say, "I cannot handle the way I am treated, but desire to end this relationship at least with your understanding and hopefully forgiveness."

It is also important to note that if you use the above information to interact with the Higher Self, asking for help in being released safely from that person, miracles sometimes happen. Also, you might do the ritual daily for awhile. It not only helps the relationship, but will actually help you to heal your own wounds.

Those of you that are deeply involved with your Spiritual journey, it is important to recognize the beauty of each day and be grateful for what you have and who you are. Most of you are dissatisfied with who you are, and it is very important to start looking at the positive you, the beautiful you, the you that you admire... and all of that IS within you, so find it.

This year will hold many opportunities for you to excel in your Spiritual awareness... if that is what you desire. For some of you that have been rampant about moving forward, doing everything you can to continue learning and moving forward will find a lull in your life for awhile. It will be a time of catching up, resting, allowing what you have learned to really soak into a deeper level. Don't worry, you are not losing out... it will help you move forward more quickly after this year.

Be aware, be focused, be ready for change. Try to see all challenges as a beautiful gift, instead of being fearful. Know that the best IS yet to come. God Bless each of you.


Mother Earth: Abundance is life's challenge throughout one's whole life time while here with me. If you could just observe all the beauty I have to offer, you would recognize an abundance without cost. Be aware, count your Blessings, and know that I offer beauty, peace, solace, and abundance in many ways. God Bless.


Michael: Recently we sent out a special email to all of you about the virus that is plaguing Earth's population. The only thing to add is to help you know in your heart, mind, and soul that this will pass for most of you by the middle of this year and for the rest by the end of the year.

You can look forward to businesses beginning to reopen after this month (April), but it will take months for balance to be evident. Continue your prayers and have faith that this is NOT the end of humans on Earth or for Mother Earth as Dale has heard from some people of the public. This is a call for all humanity to recognize the value of life and to lend a helping hand wherever you are and however you can. Basic survival brings out the worst in some people, in fear many forget to share the Light that they are and resort to darkness. If you encounter this type of human, surround them with Light and move away quickly.

As said earlier... stay in, stay safe, stay as healthy as possible. I pray for Blessings and good health for each of you.


Bartholomew: Many people are living in fear right now, thinking that this is a punishment from God. Let me reassure you it is not. This virus originated in other forms in the past and has returned stronger and with a different name each time. It is a cat and mouse game... each time it occurs, there is a rush by the scientists and doctors to find a remedy, and the illusive virus goes away to return in a different form the next time.

Unfortunately, those of you that feel it is because of negative elements of behavior that has brought this punishment down on Earth's people will find it weakens your immune system which in turn can leave you open to any number of illnesses/diseases. It is imperative to keep a good attitude and to know it will disappear over the next few months.

By eliminating fear, you will be healthier and stronger. Another by-product of being secluded in your home is the possibility of depression. Again, do things to keep yourself occupied. Get out and do yard work on good days, or just go for a walk. If you walk with anyone, just keep a healthy distance between you. It's a perfect time to start a book... either one of your own or reading someone else's. The important thing here is to do what you can to keep a good attitude which in turn can keep you healthy.

Possibilities are endless about the reasons for this virus 'attack', but know that it was not a plan created by your government (or anyone else's) to have control over the populations. Yes, there are always those that will take advantage of others any way they can... this is true even of some of your own government leaders that try to take advantage of the good efforts by some to add to their own pockets. Do pray for them because when they have their judgment day either on Earth or at their own true home, they will find their true motives were for power, which is not a Blessed thing.

So, for now, as has been said... stay in, stay safe, stay healthy. God Bless.


Lily: As the days go by and your life gets back to normal, much of the Virus will be forgotten. So many of you cannot imagine the heartbreak and fear it created in many. It is impossible to express our true sympathy to each of you that has lost a friend or loved one to it.

Those of you that feel energy can feel a difference in the energy around you, as well as the Universal energy. It is a change in faith and trust... faith that all is right in your world and trust that you will always be safe.

Living in fear creates more health issues than the virus and that is a fact. So live your life in as much joy and expectations of better things to come. As each day begins, don't forget to thank God and the Universal energies that are helping to rid Earth of such things. It is also important to remember that all humans (except for a very few) are visitors to Earth. She opens her heart to all creations to visit with her, but ultimately all animals/humans will perish and return to their own true homes. THIS is why most of you search for your true home... usually if you desire to return to a certain area on Earth it is because you have friends or loved ones there, or have fallen in love with the beauty or serenity of that area... not because it is your home.

You are all guests, so as a guest, please honor and respect your hostess in all ways.


Bartholomew: As a gentle and loving prayer for those of you that need to be bolstered:

Dear God, Help all of us in these trying and fearful days to prepare for whatever lies ahead. I ask that you preserve earth and all living things that dwell in and upon her, so that she and all will be a healthy part of the universe. I also ask that you help the leaders of our country to hear and obey your promise of freedom and abundance for all our people. Amen


March, 2020

Michael: Being humble means many different things to different people. Looking in the dictionary, it says having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance, of low social, administrative, or political rank, and lower (someone) in dignity or importance. But what you should realize is that being humble actually takes great courage. The true meaning of being humble is not to demean yourself, but to show love and compassion for others. To step forward if no one else does, and to always look at how one can help others benefit before yourself.

The reason I bring this information forward today is to remind you that each of you are still a work in progress and that it is not a sin if you are not always (or even ever) humble.

A soul's growth is just that... a work in progress... here on Earth and even when you are without a physical body and at your true home. Recognizing your own faults or when you have not done something you felt you should have is a major learning lesson. It helps you to know right from wrong and eventually you will move forward based on that education.

Actually, you are usually harder on yourself and condemn yourself more than anyone else... especially those of us in Spirit and definitely more than God. Forgiveness is a precious thing. Forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others. The main focus is for you to recognize that you are not perfect and that you are living a life on Earth full of temptations, as well as challenges in other directions...
"God grant you the serenity to accept those things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference". (The Serenity Prayer is the common name for a prayer written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971) Understand that all things come at the proper time. And so it is. (Bartholomew)


Dale: One of the most important things I do in my work with Spirit is to help send 'ghosts' (those souls stuck on Earth for whatever reason) on to the Light... their true home. I have encountered some people that admit to having a ghost, but are comfortable with them and do not want me to interfere. I've asked Melchezidek to speak about this all too often occurrence.

Melchezidek: There are many reasons that a soul makes the decision not to go to the Light at death of the physical body. They will have many opportunities within the months following the death, but eventually the Light begins to fade and then disappears completely. Remember, you AND your soul have freewill on Earth as well as at your true home.

The reason it diminishes is because there is not enough energy with that soul anymore to create the energy between home and Earth. Often, after being on Earth for a lengthy time, the soul will become tired and disoriented. That soul may stay near family or where it lived in the past, or where it died, and sometimes it will encounter people that recognize its presence and actually accept its presence without fear. In a way, this is very good because that soul feels the acceptance and often becomes complacent with the situation.

The problem is that the soul will become weaker over a period of time... sometimes it takes centuries, but often it is much less. That soul is vulnerable to the dark side, and it takes a strong soul to stay an individual... that is another reason it may be comfortable around the people that recognize his/her presence.

It is important to try to talk those souls into going to the Light, to explain to them the positives of going and the negatives of staying on Earth. The soul needs the physical body to be in balance with the gravity of Earth and without that physical body, there can be many negative side effects, such as the disorientation as spoken above.

And equally important is the fact that as light as a soul is, it complicates the energy of Earth... the balance is gone. There are many such renegade souls still on Earth, mostly because there are not enough people to help them understand the value of their letting go of Earth and whatever their present situation is and the reasons for returning to the Light and their true home.

Some of those reasons: To know and recognize who they truly are, to reunite with deceased family, friends, and pets. To release the ailments and damage done to their physical bodies... many souls still carry the diseases, scars, loss of limbs, etc that they had on the physical level. It is an illusion and cannot harm those mortals they encounter, but it is real to them. As they walk into the tunnel of Light, all that disappears and they begin to remember who they truly are.

Many carry guilt of things of the past, they need to know they are loved and forgiven... and that they are missed by many at their true home. Many have turned away from God and believe they will be punished... not true... God's arms and love are always open and waiting. Countless reason that they remain on Earth... countless reasons to go home.

If you are one that is harboring a 'ghost' in your home or work, please take the time to just talk to that soul and gently explain the reasons it would be good to release and go to the Light.

If you need help in this endeavor, call on someone like Dale that is willing to help that soul move on. If you are frightened of that soul, you definitely need help in removing him/her from your life. We can sometimes do this while talking to you on the phone, if their presence is near, especially if you have picked up a name or given a name to him/her.

In all this, as always... surround yourself (and that presence) with God's love and Light, and know you are not alone. Your own people in Spirit that help you daily will always do what they can to help, but Michael and I (Melchezidek) will be there also, if you call on us.


Dale: We have helped untold numbers of souls to/through the tunnel of Light. I know it is the way 'home', but could you explain more about that tunnel?

Bartholomew: The tunnel is actually a vortex of energy. It is created for those of you that work with souls so it can help those in need find their way home.

Let's look at your morning circle and use it as an example. The Angels create a circle of love and as you are inviting the many into the circle, they can feel the positive energy. And those that have found their way to your circle, including those that have been gathered, will have an opportunity to return home.

As said... the vortex is made up of energy created from those very Angels that help you in your morning ritual. And, yes.... there are others that do a similar thing and it's important that any of you reading this realize that you can do the same thing simply by asking your Angels to create a circle of love and light. Then invite any and all that are near to enter the circle with you and any others you might name individually.

Since there are often untold souls entering the circle (there are gatherers that help them to your circle as well as many other circles that are created), they are dramatically and unwaveringly drawn toward their own Spiritual home. It is a magnificent thing to observe as many souls seem to begin from one area and then begin going in different directions.

This kind of vortex is not the same as when a person dies and they see a bright light. That particular light is created by the deceased individual's Angels and often loved ones waiting to take him/her home. This, too, is a magnificent thing to see.


Lily: Bask in the sunshine (with sunscreen) and soak in the rays. Yes, the sun can be bad on naked skin, but a tremendously healthy way to enjoy a part of your day. Those rays do connect with your body even through your clothing, so stay warm and comfy.

The reason I'm bringing this to your attention is so you can realize if you've been a hermit lately during the colder temperatures. Staying inside of your home and only running out for errands can actually bring on anxiety and depression... so be aware.

Another good activity is to take long walks. Just being outside in the fresh air can help to eliminate toxins in your body, so breathe deeply while walking. If you are one that has problems walking, then just sit outside in a chair for awhile and know that it is also beneficial.


It has been a long time since we've talked about Ascension (Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. Through the process of ascension, your vibrational frequency is becoming lighter.)

Each of you created your own pathway to a higher level of consciousness before you came to Earth and even if you never actively did anything special to move into that space, just being on Earth has fulfilled a large part of that goal. Of course, being active and actively aware and involved in Spiritual activities can help you to fulfill your promise of Ascension and you can even surpass your original idea (soul). Most of you will not even realize this development within yourself until you return home and do a life review. It is truly interesting and even astounding what you will discover in that review. You will actually see how your life has been magical in many ways, begin to understand how easily distracted you could be while visiting Earth. But the main focus here is to help you understand that you are on that path, and if you are reading this information, you are well on your way to your own awakening of Ascension.

For thousands of years, a few other countries have recognized the value of meditation, music that 'takes you away', alone time, the art of breath, movement as in dance, yoga, martial arts... and so many other things that will help you.

For instance, if you become interested in a metaphysical subject and become a student learning all you can... that helps your Ascension. The same with those that focus on and read the Bible... any material that can educate you, support you, help you meet your day to day life requirements and staying healthy and sane.

There are literally hundreds of ways to enhance your Ascension. So here is a beginning. If you are interested, look for more information on your computer, books, classes. Learn what it's all about and have fun doing it. Yes Ascension is a serious thing, but you can't imagine how much fun and how many different people you can experience trying.


Paul: As a 'Spirit' physician, it is my duty to console and help Dale's energy field stay in balance and healthy, and it is HER duty to make an effort to stay healthy. For many centuries spirit physicians were not assigned to a human mainly because it was not something the soul felt a need for.

As time moved on about 1,000 years ago, we became necessary when some nations became aware they could communicate and work with those of us in Spirit and know that we could help in many ways.

Each of you have a 'Spirit' physician that works with you throughout your life on Earth. It is a blessing when you can actually hear us, or truly understand our messages to you, but many of you just think it is your own thoughts/fears and not guidance from a different source. There were times before Dale was able to discern our voices that she misinterpreted our messages, or ignored certain warnings about health as well.

Most of you came on Earth without having a disease or major illness on your time line, but because of many outside influences you develop those major illnesses anyway. Once your physical doctor on Earth has diagnosed a problem, many take it to heart and believe they are ill. It is almost impossible to get that changed because it goes to the subconscious and the unconscious area of the brain and becomes too embedded to release. There are those that we cannot help either because of that belief or because it is on your timeline.

We can, and do, help you when you meditate, pray, work at keeping your chakras and energy field clear... anything that can be helped energetically, we do. Also, it is necessary for you to believe and trust that there are possibilities for healing.

Most important is to know and recognize that these possibilities are a reality and that miracles are at work daily. Do all you can to keep your body healthy, way to many people in your country allow the physical body to become disabled... and we can do nothing alone.


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February, 2020

Michael: As we have discussed many times in the past, there are still those of you that try to go in a direction against your heart and common sense. It is important to hold these two areas together no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

More importantly is your continued faith in yourself and your goals. By committing yourself to a certain project, you are actually creating a path to that goal... again keep the faith and know that if it happens... wonderful, and if it does not happen... that is wonderful also. You tried... you did not fail if it does not happen, the effort and energy put toward that goal is magical and the right outcome will always happen.

Along that same line of thought is the fact that human error plays a big part of any endeavor. Timing, effort, energy, thoughts (successful?, negative?)... so many things go into creating the path to a certain goal. So, as a reminder, I offer some guidelines (again).
1) Create your goal
2) Focus positive energy toward that goal at least once a day (If you begin to doubt, visualize success)
3) Include it in your prayers
4) Talk to your Angels about it, ask them for help, too.
5) See yourself involved in that activity with fun and a smile on your face
6) See the project as an overall success.

And yes... after all that work, if it does not happen as you desire... be sure to thank God and your Angels for the opportunity. Know that there was valuable action throughout the whole project.

Begin now to create your next project, keeping in mind that opportunities exist in many unexpected ways.


Bartholomew: For many of you... major changes in networking, in health, and in creativity. These changes will affect each of you differently. Overall, this is a challenging year because it is a year of endings and new beginnings.

As for the word 'challenge', don't let it create fear in you. You each face challenges daily, so take this year day by day, face each challenge in your own way (if you need help in any way, ask for it), and this year will pass. It's important to realize that once 2020 is behind you, 2021 will be settling into the opportunities brought by the energy of 2020.

Be creative with the challenges presented, know in your heart that any challenge presents many new opportunities. Look for those opportunities and experience them.

For now, as this year is already underway, it is time to create balance and harmony in your life daily. Be prepared to also experience the positive in each day... there is so much to be thankful for, so much to realize that your existence on Earth is so very important.

Above all, be patient... with yourself, and with others.

God Bless, I am Bartholomew, and I am available to each of you.


Mother Earth: I know that there are many "Earth" issues that may scare you. It is not my responsibility to create the horrendous happenings, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, even earthquakes. It would seem to be under my jurisdiction, but I'm happy to say that I am not the creator of these disasters.

As science has proven and shown that there are many factors involved in their creation, I might add that my heart goes out to the many people and animals that are affected in such times.

As hard as it is to understand, I am a victim as you are, but God has always taken care of me and has assured me that I will exist for many more millennia to come.

I desire each of you to see and experience the many beautiful things I have to offer you without fear. Try to see your life as an adventure and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. From my oceans to the highest mountains, there is great beauty. I am always open to enjoying the experience with each of you that find peace and joy in your explorations.

For now, remember to respect me as you would others you encounter. You are my guests in/on my 'home'. Please do what you can to help preserve the landscape and help nature be at its best. I thank you.


Melchezidek: Once upon a time, there were people roaming the Earth that were called clans... even back in the prehistoric days. There were those that were peaceful and there were those that were not, and those that felt they were better and should have others as their slaves or doing their bidding just because they were somehow different.

Has that carried through the ages to the today that you live in? The answer is yes... but you already knew that.

Those of you that desire peace in your lives and live mostly protected in the United States and other civilized countries can count your Blessings, but even in your 'safe' space, there are those that would harm you and others like you if given a chance.

By virtue of all that is right and good, those people should not exist in your peaceful nation, and yet you read about, see on your TV sets, and hear about bad things happening to good people all the time.

We have touched on some of this before, but I desire to go more in depth of an explanation: consider Earth a stage where souls come as humans to play out scenarios that they have created. There are those that are very good, those that are good, those that are bad, those that are very bad, and those that are evil... and there are those that choose to be victim. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe that anyone would have a desire to experience harm in any form... and yet, it happens.

While at your true home, as soul only, you decide what basic part you desire to play on your adventure to Earth. You write down the major things you desire to experience and to accomplish while on Earth (the rest is created in your freewill while there). You create agreements with other souls to interact with while on Earth (just the basics), and then present your outline to the Elders of your family. They critique it, advise, and suggest changes... but YOU have the last say if you desire to make any suggested changes.

Those of you reading this information are mostly older souls that have already experienced hardships and various fears on Earth and other planets. The younger souls are the ones that create most havoc and are considered bad or negative influences. Those that are evil or of the dark will always try to influence, but there are never any agreements with them.



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