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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.



September, 2017

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September, 2017

Michael: Surprises come to those of you on Earth in many different forms... good and bad.

Did I say bad? You have to remember that surprises are experiences, too, and that all experiences are important. Most of you do not realize that some day, when you are finished with your journey on Earth, you will return to your true home. There you will find all truth.

Let me try to describe the experience from the moment of death of the physical to your reuniting with your true home... Most of you will experience no pain at the moment of death. I say most of you, because a very few of you have chosen on the soul level to experience some form of pain. It is often the fear of the unknown that creates the most problems. As a physical body is dying, all elements of your soul/spirit will release from the physical body. Remember that the physical body is a treasured shell to house all elements of the soul, but it does wear out eventually... unlike the true you which will never wear out or die.

The elements of the soul/spirit will usually stay near the physical for a bit... sometimes in confusion, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes for loved ones, and many will stay near or return for any services that might be created.

The one thing I desire all of you to remember is that at the instant of death, you will always be able to see and communicate with your guardians. Often your deceased loved ones will gather with your guardian also. Not all people are familiar with this concept and will often turn away in fear or uncertainty at the change, but your guardians and loved ones are always close by, and often just create a beautiful light that will stay near.

The energy of the hall of Light that will pull you magnetically right into it is nearby, but it is up to the soul to allow itself to move into it... hence so many lost souls that are still on Earth. Many will desire to go into the Hall of Light immediately and return later to check on family and services... you still have free will as soul.

Often times a deceased loved one or more will be in the Hall to help you let go of Earth, those of you that believe in Jesus will see Him in the Hall... He or others will be there to escort you home where you will be welcomed and you'll be reestablished in your environment. Actually, from the moment you go into the Hall of Light, your memory of your true home will begin to return so that by the time you arrive, it will not be strange to you at all.

After you have reestablished yourself and are comfortable with all that is happening you will visit the Akashic records, which is like a vast building in your understanding at this time, but is truly is a dimension all its own. Imagine a vast screen that you will be viewing your life from before birth when you, as soul, created all facets of the life you just lived. You will be alone doing this only if you desire to be alone. This often takes months to years of Earth time to complete because so many relook at certain happenings more than once. You will not spend continuous time viewing because so many things are happening in your life at that time, and you will want to connect with loved ones and friends that you do not even remember while on Earth, as well as those loved ones and friends from the life you just left.

Each happening in your life is explained from all facets of its reason for being, its affect on you and all that might be involved in that happening. Understand that many of your regrets and painful experiences on Earth will be viewed with a different understanding at the time of your viewing. This will be an exceptional experience mainly because you, as human, do not have the knowledge and awareness that you will once you are home.

The major reason I desire you to understand this is because many people will be releasing from Earth over the next two years and you may have a friend or loved one that will let go of Earth. This knowledge will help you understand their experience and will also help to prepare you for that same journey some day in the future.

It is my desire to help all fear of death of the physical body and the return home to be eliminated and for it to be a joyful experience. If there are any questions, please forward them to us so that we may help you understand more.

God Bless each of you, I am Michael.


St. Francis: The other day, as I was walking along a beautiful tree lined dirt road, I felt a kindred spirit to our Mother Earth as I did when I was in human form and actually did walk similar roads. There was a time that I was a young man on Earth with so many things to do that I often forgot to just relax and feel, hear... experience nature in all it's amazing glory.

I'm here to remind you to do something in nature that you can enjoy. Don't spend all your time inside a building, whether it's your home or work place... take time to find new territory and to experience nature that abounds for you.

Do take care to not overdo. Take plenty of water and rest a bit whatever you are engaged in. If near a river, stop often and just sit and observe... listen, smell the flowers or dust... nature. Mountains? Listen, smell the clean fresh air... observe the beauty.

Be observant not only to nature at its best, but if you are in an area that might have animals (wild or otherwise), you must be able to protect yourself... so learn about the areas you will be in.

Our world is unbelievably beautiful, but Earth is a one of a kind experience... that's why souls desire to return time and time again... so enjoy this Earth adventure. Even if you live to be 100 plus years old, the time will pass quickly for you to return to your true home.


Bartholomew: Life lived on Earth is always full of ups and downs, misinformation, regrets... and in all of that down time, the joys are often lost.

To go back and remember your life, step by step, as if you are writing your biography will help you to remember the good times as well and the bad. I suggest each of you begin writing your own life story. It will actually help to erase a lot of the painful memories of the past, bring in new understanding, and is overall a wonderful healing tool.

This does not need to be a book that will be published unless you want it to be. This is a memoir to yourself and your family members or just for you alone. The important thing is to think about your life in a way that you want others to see it, while also looking at and forgiving the parts of the past that do not serve you anymore.

Everyone has regrets, but not everyone allows forgiveness of self and others. You can grow old blaming others for your situation, or you can heal the wounds and turn yourself into a beautiful Light that reflects the best of yourself. Part of Dale's prayers is always, "I invoke the Light of Christ within'. Each of you has that Light of Christ, it never dims... but in your own attitude and blame it often gets lost too deep inside to be able to really shine through you.

If you are having difficulty with someone or something going on in your life at this time. Pray about it, talk to us about it. You may not hear us, but if you will try to clear your energy enough for us to get through you might feel the love we send to you or even hear our words or our thoughts may get through to you.

If you hear words of blame... it will be only your own.


Lily: From time to time, a loved one or friend is going to disappoint you in some way. Maybe it will be a break in trust, angry words spoken, or just a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of words or happening. Whatever it is, it is an opportunity to look at that person and decide if you want that person in your life for the future.

Does this kind of thing happen often? What kind of pain is involved? Does the experience evoke anger, pain, guilt?

Whatever is there really needs to be broken down in your own mind and heart. If it is guilt, go back and work with that person in your mind. See each happening as it is in your memory. Talk to that person, apologize, tell that person what you felt then and what you feel now as you reexamine that part of your life. It's not magic, but it can create a miracle of understanding for yourself and healing. You don't have to make excuses, but try to explain as best you can. Again, ask forgiveness if it is something you did... if it is something the other person did or said...forgive them.

Doing this on the energetic level is a wonderful therapeutic thing. If you can eventually do this person to person, it may bring relief to both, or it may surprise you that the other person does not even remember.

Life is hard enough while visiting Earth without creating more hurt and hardship for another on any level. It is an opportunity to learn more about letting go with love, an opportunity to heal karma of all kinds, an opportunity to learn more about your own personality and how to change some of the rough edges presented to others.

Abundance comes in many forms, if you can eventually leave Earth feeling you've done everything you can to heal the pain you feel you've caused others, you have truly created a successful life.


August, 2017

Michael: Many years ago, there were an ancient people that lost their country due to its sinking into the waters of the Pacific ocean. Those people were active, intelligent, and well versed in manifesting the things they desired in their lives. You might think I am speaking of Lemuria or Atlantis, but I am speaking of a part of what you now call California. It did extend out much further into the ocean, but numerous earthquakes took their toll and little by little that area of the world shrank to the size it is today.

The reason I speak of this today is that I want you to realize that nothing stays the same on Earth... there are continuous changes to the land masses, but there is more. Not only to the land masses, but also to the energy of different places which affects each of you.

Suppose you have been basically healthy most of your life, then you move to a place where you immediately become ill. It is very possible that your energy and the energy of the place you just moved to are not compatible. It will not affect all people the way it affects you unless there is some kind of actual contamination, but if it is only the incompatibility of energies, then it will affect people in different ways.

It's very possible that when you made the move, your physical body was already stressed to the point that the illness was able to consume you, but more likely it was a combination of stress and the energy difference.

If possible, you should move away as quickly as possible, but often that is impossible for various reasons, so I suggest you continue to pray that you be more compatible with your surroundings and the energy it holds. Eventually you will be able to make that change in your life and become healthy again.

One problem does exist... if you believe you have an illness and believe you will have it the rest of your life, you probably will. So, once again I remind you to think positive, believe that when you make the move you will leave the illness behind.

Things to be aware of when you move to a new place:
1) Do you like the place you live... do you feel like you belong?
2) Do you suddenly have more ailments (mental, physical, emotional) than normal?
3) Are you unhappy or depressed in spite of there being no reason to be unhappy?

These are just a few things, but you get the idea of what I'm speaking of. The greater good is that you can offset the negative with the positive and live your life as healthily as possible until you can make the needed changes.


Lily: Life on Earth is a roller coaster ride, and I know you all know what I'm speaking of. Each of you has your own personal 'car' on the roller coaster, and each of you have some control over that car and where it goes... what it does.

It is my pleasure to remind you all that most of the roller coaster rides are of your own creation. The only creation from Mother Earth are the storms, volcanic activity and earth quakes... those things that are inherent to just Earth.

I'm here to remind you that YOU created your own path, and yes... some of that path you created involved the Earth patterns, storms, etc that might cause devastation to you or some you love. And, yet, you were the creator.

As soul, you chose carefully the kind of family you wanted to grow with, whether it was a loving family, or one that abused or abandoned you.... YOU chose. You created many paths to choose from as you grew older. In those paths is the free will that we always speak of. Let's say that you grew up in a loving and caring family, you became bored and chose your friends that were a bit wild... this was YOUR freewill choice and in that choosing, you learned even more about choices and what could be experienced from those choices.

Another example... you were born into a loving family, but lived in extreme poverty. On a soul level, you probably chose this type of environment to see if you could find a positive and work at finding answers to the problems that poverty created. There are many that started this way, but worked hard to pull themselves out of that environment to help themselves and others.

Do you blame someone else for your experiences? Often someone else can be the cause of a bad experience, but since you chose to have that experience, you need to look closely at your reaction... to how you allow it to color your life. Blame can eat away at your health, and it can erode different areas of the physical body. Again... you are in control... how you react to the different experiences of life and what you do to heal the negatives.

Out of the numerous paths created from the soul level, the Higher Self or Over Soul will often be right there to continue to help you in many different ways. Actually, some of those ways will not seem very helpful to you as the human receiving that help. Unless you are deeply interactive with your Higher Self or Over Soul, you'll not know what was created by you or them until you leave Earth completely and return home. Do remember that they are only trying to help you carry out your 'orders' from before you came on Earth.

Some of you will never understand why certain things continue to happen in your life. Maybe you keep drawing the same kind of controlling person/people or people that you cannot trust. That is usually a sign that your Higher Self is active and keeps creating the same challenge for you till you learn whatever it is you are supposed to learn.

Once you recognize this kind of continuing issue, how do you correct it? The answer is easy, pray about it... ask God for help in correcting the problem, and sincerely try to correct the problem yourself. Those Angels, teachers, and guides around you will always do what they can to help if you just ask them. And, yes, even if you don't ask, we often try to help.

Life on Earth is a roller coaster at times, and only you can smooth out the ride. It's time to work on keeping the ride smooth and in balance.


Lily: Today can be a wonderful experience just for you. Think of the things you would do for yourself on a day that you claim as your own with no obligations to anyone or anything else, then when that day arrives do them.

You do have to recognize a day like that, and many of you will have to MAKE that day happen. People get so wrapped up in chores and responsibilities that they often don't think of creating a special day just for their own enjoyment. For the guys... a day of fishing, hunting, cycling, gym, reading, TV... whatever is your passion that you've ignored. For you women... exercise, facial, same things I named for the guys and for all.... just a day of relaxing and doing exactly nothing if that is what you desire.

This kind of day is needed for your health and wellbeing... to rebuild, regain balance, to remind yourself that you are a valuable asset and health is the most valuable asset of all.

So, sit down as soon as possible and create YOUR day on paper, then begin to plan for that day... YOU are the only one that can do this... YOU have control... or do you??


Bartholomew: Today we will speak of Spiritual growth. It is of great pride that I am a teacher for so many of you. Many of you have learned of me through Dale's work with me and our newsletter, our work together at the meditation groups and our classes. I have told you in the past that I am able to work with each and every one of you... all you need to do is call on me.

I may present myself to you differently from the way Dale and I work together for I match my energy with yours and we explore what you desire to learn. Over time, many of you will hear my voice or see me or feel my energy as I am near you, but even if none of these occur, please trust that if you call on me, I will be there.

In an effort to help you move forward, I do what I can to explain different elements of my interaction with you... and other teacher's also. Our interaction depends on you... the human, but also your Over Soul and Higher Self. We are all in this together and it takes all of us and you working together to bring about change and growth.

For example, while Dale has been on this journey for a very long time, she is still learning, and still working through her own issues within that growth. I will tell you now that we present as much positive as we are allowed, but some of the experiences will be very daunting. They ALL will have to do with your 'education' in the interaction with us as well as within yourself.

Thorough knowledge of all things is truly impossible, but a working knowledge of many different things is a valuable tool in leading a life of expansion, growth, harmony and satisfaction. Those things that are difficult that you may experience will be there as challenges for you to overcome or accept with Grace and forgiveness.

Dale went into this metaphysical experience on a gallop and in doing so some of the early experiences were very uncertain and even frightening and confusing. But gradually we were able to lead her to those experienced people that had answers for her... just as we will work with you to lead you to the proper people that can help you.

A multitude of problems exist when you enter our world mainly because it is so difficult to communicate properly. And often you will be communicating with a part of your own self without realizing it, so learning early how to know if it is one of us or a part of yourself... or even an energy that is near you that is neither us or you... is very important.

It takes many years to fine tune, and it will take many more to feel certain about your reality. The really beautiful thing is when you just don't give up and leave us (yes, we will still be with you whether you realize it or not). There have been many times that Dale has felt she made a mistake in this magnificent journey of awareness and even felt she should walk away... but here we are and here she is, and we basically have a contract for life in agreement with all.

As you will recognize that there are many things created on the soul level and not your human mental level, you might understand that there truly is a contract or agreement created once it is recognized that you are really serious about your journey. It is a valuable tool to help guide us all as to the desires of the soul in educating each of you, and that contract is different for each of you.

I hope this has helped you in understanding that your journey with us is a wonderful positive thing, but that there will always be challenges in any journey you might choose.


July, 2017

Michael: Ideas... thoughts that come and go... will often come at the least expected moments. If you can, and the thought seems to have value, write it down and save for later. There will come a time to use it somewhere in your future.

Manifesting things into your life is much like those ideas. It takes time, and if you allow those thoughts of the things you desire in your life to float through your mind from time to time, that is 'us' trying to help you stay focused on those things.

We believe that each of you has the right to bringing all kinds of things into your life that you desire and it's actually very enjoyable to see you experience the joy involved. The confusion about living as a pauper and giving all your things away is not necessary... unless you truly believe it and it brings you joy to do so.

Yes, sharing is important, but not to the point you have nothing left.

Another thing I would like to touch on is experiencing new ideas, new things, new people in your life. This can be very pleasurable. If you read about something different you'd like to try... do it if possible. Maybe you are talking to someone and they suggest you join their group.... give it a try... not just once, but at least three times before you let go of it. Learn something new... often that is involved with the two things I just suggested, but if not... actively search for something you would love to experience.

If you are not able to get out to attend meetings, or there are no like minded people around you, search on your computer or visit a library for the information and learn all you can on the subject. If you would like to do something different... again search the internet for ideas. For instance, if you are intrigued by the metaphysical.... you might put in 'metaphysical topics' in the title line. Or search amazon.com under metaphysical topics and see what draws your attention.

The idea is to stir some excitement into your life. Excitement brings new possibilities, and you might just find a new calling.


Lily: Right now is a good time to begin working on your future. Begin by honestly looking at where you want to be...(living, working, etc). Is there some place you yearn to be, to live, to experience.... maybe a beach home or a mountain home with a view of the mountains... feeling their energy every morning that you awaken.

I suggest you do research. If you have some idea, but not sure of the exact location... start doing research on those areas that are similar to what you have in mind. Create your new home in your mind, then if possible... create it on paper. It does not have to be perfect, this is just a practice in manifestation for you alone... unless you have a significant other that might have similar dreams. Get into details. Do you want a large home, a cabin, a condo? There is no limit to what you desire in this home. Details... gazebo, deck, porches, garage (single, double, 3 car??), flowers, privacy or no? Swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, basement? What about living in a really nice functional motor home where you can travel anywhere anytime? Again... there is no limit!

And what about finances? What is it you truly would love to do and still bring financial abundance to yourself. Again, if you have an idea... do research to expand your knowledge on how others have created the type of business venture you desire to attain.

Be patient... it takes time and can be frustrating, but frustration creates barriers, so remember that it is necessary to have a proper attitude of trust, anticipation, and excitement. If you bring in doubt and the idea that 'this will never happen to/for me', you are already in defeat.

You will find that the next few months are a wonderful time to create... to manifest. Be prepared for multiple energies to emerge around and through you. The energy actually changes when you participate in such a creation... not just in the next few months... but it always happens.

Remember that we (sometimes your loved ones in Spirit, but always your Angels, Guides, and Teachers in Spirit) are always trying to help you create in any way we can.

God Bless your new journey.


Bartholomew: As you are looking forward in creating for yourself, don't forget to thank God for all things in your life already. That goes a long way toward helping to manifest for the future.

Yes, you may not like where you live or work, but it IS where you chose to be at this time... remember that you always have choices, but we understand that not all of your choices are of an abundant nature in your own mind.

Where you live or work must have some respect, it is keeping you from being out on the streets, and is providing some money, whether it is enough or not. Proceeding into the next step into your future is sometimes like climbing a very long ladder, you tire and often feel you will never get any closer to the top. But I assure you that ultimately you can win. Ultimately you can find a way to move forward or upward.

Those of you that are ill and don't have much energy to live, much less actively create for your future, must first work at healing your body. One step at a time. Do try alternative measures to heal your body. There are meditations on healing in abundance. If you cannot find anything, contact Dale... she has many and uses them almost daily and will be happy to point you in numerous directions.

For now, first you must begin to see what you want in your mind, whether it is a healthier body, new life, new home or car, or new career. As Lily said, it does take time... sometimes years, but nothing will change unless you try.


Bartholomew: What is happening in your life right now that you love.... that you do not love? Perhaps you feel that you have had to let go of a dream, a desire that you had in mind for a very long time. In doing so, did you let go in frustration? in simply believing that maybe you should never have created that dream from the beginning? Did you make progress on that dream, yet feel it never reached true potential?

It's often the journey to the goal or dream that tires one, even defeats... but all is not lost because what you have learned on that journey so far will never be lost. In fact, it is probably a major part of your future, whatever that future might be.

Consider that life on Earth is a series of highs and lows. Maybe you've been in a low so long that you've forgotten what a high feels like. Actually some of you don't even realize I am speaking to you, but just pretend that I am. We are trying to help you wake up... to continue or revue your dream or ultimate goal. Yes, we work in the background of your life, but are often right up front when needed. I say 'often' because there are some things we cannot help you with. But if you try, we will continue to try to do as much as we are allowed.

If you are unsure about your next step, just pray about who you are, where you are, and why you are. The answer will eventually come and you just might have an 'aha' moment where everything is clear.

Past, present, future... they are yours and they are unique to you. For balance in your life, you really must continue to work on and find balance, and also continue asking for our help.



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