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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.



May the Light of God surround you and keep you safe, healthy, and prosperous in this New Year of 2018.
God Bless each of you
Lily, Michael, Bartholomew,
and all of us that work with each of you daily.

January, 2018

Michael: Welcome to 2018! This year's journey will offer many opportunities that you have not experienced in the past. One is the opportunity to experience a lighter energy over all. An energy that will help many of you recognize good and proper choices, clearer thinking, and the release of hidden creativity.

It will also offer many opportunities to begin healing... whether your needs are mental, physical, emotional or Spiritual. Depending on where you are in your Spiritual journey, you might recognize many different teachers working with you from time to time. That does not mean you will lose any that you have now... the new ones will mostly be temporary, but will have a great impact on many elements of your life.

Transition is major this year, whether it is transition in business or personal, and/or on the mental, physical, emotional, or Spiritual levels. I know this is a rather sweeping statement, but you'll have to just experience this year to know how it is affecting you and your family and friends. You may also find yourself beginning to be aware of a desire to make a move from where you are living. Sometimes that feeling gets ahead of the knowledge of where you will be moving to, but take your time till that becomes clear. It could take a short time for that knowledge to come through or a few years... or just maybe you've desired to move to a certain place for a long time and finally the time is right to do so.

One major breakthrough with this energy is the calmer, more soothing energy it brings to most of you. The harsher, more focused, energy of the past few years is finally changing to the point you will be able to recognize the difference.

Transition also means that there are still many people on Earth that desire to return to their true home, so recognition that you will probably lose a loved one or a close friend this year is something to be aware of.

Things to remember: Earth is not your true home, each of you have left behind your true family and friends at your true home to venture into this life on Earth that you created, and each of you have a built in radar for your homeland. That radar is not really needed because each of you have so many Angels accompanying you that you could never get lost.

Remember that hope and faith are ever lasting, and as you continue your life into this year, it is important to make time for yourself... to venture into new experiences. Create new avenues and new friends, try different groups or gatherings. Branch out and learn who you truly are.

God Bless each of you in this new and exciting year of 2018.


Bartholomew: When we work with you, the human, we always try our best to help you realize that whatever we say or do means no harm to you. Most of you don't recognize that we sometimes have to deliver information that you feel is hurtful... you might even feel our information is needlessly repetitive, but it is always timely.

The effort and words will take time in preparing and we often discuss the proper way to say what needs to be said. The one thing that needs to be recognized is that all we do and say is delivered with love. In an effort to continue to work with each of you, we always try to never intimidate or to create confusion, but at times it is a necessary thing.

Confusion is one way to get some of you to open up an emotional avenue. That avenue could be love, confusion, anger, despair... any strong emotion that will help to resonate deeply within. This is necessary because so many of you are holding negative energy so deep that the normal interaction will not help release that which is needed to be released.

I cannot help but realize that you back away when we create these avenues, but I pray that we will continue to be friends in the future if not in the present.

Likewise, your Higher Self has need to help you release that deep energy to help you move to a higher plain. Some will understand, some will not. We can only pray that all will be better in the future.


Matthew: As Dale's Oversoul... I have tried to help monitor the directions that her incarnate soul created for this life on Earth. There were many things I disagreed with and tried to make different, but this was not my life to be lived. I, therefore, have created the basic guidelines that an Oversoul tries to follow:

1) To be watchful of times that the human does something that needs attention and to follow the directions written by the soul before the Earth visit.
2) To regain the energy lost because of any down time.
3) To try to help in any way that I can to keep the energy balanced.
4) To help the human to regain a positive attitude when down.
5) To ascertain why there would be no or little help from that human
6) To reassure the human that things change and always there is a silver lining.

Most of these things are done in a non-spoken way, unless the human can hear the Oversoul. The most important thing is the energy that is created... even if the person can hear us.

The energy balance is of great importance. Most of you that are reading these words know that it is up to you to try to heal from a down or negative feeling. Yes, we do understand when a person is in a depressed state that they often don't care if they heal or not... but we still try to get through to that person anyway.

One of the ways we often try is to point out something unusual or beautiful to bring a moment of Light in, but it does not always work. It's important for all of you to realize that none of you undertake this journey to Earth alone. You have a whole group dedicated to only you and we do try to help in any way we can.


Metatron: In the beginning, when there was only darkness, there was a large explosion in the Universe. That explosion created Earth. There were many souls that desired to explore Earth... and did so in various ways. This was well before humans entered the picture. Those souls learned that earth was beautiful and only viable with some kind of protection because of the atmosphere and gravity that existed there. In their early journeys to Earth, they could only visit for a very short time before becoming weak and disoriented. It was thousands of years before humans were perfected to their existence of today.

In today's world, souls can still visit Earth without becoming human. They do still need some kind of protection to stay longer than a few minutes.

If the soul of a deceased human does not return to their true home immediately, they are not harmed as much because they are attuned to Earth's atmosphere and gravity. It takes hundreds of years (some longer, some less), but they do eventually become weaker. This is one reason why so many Light Workers are on Earth at this time. Many of you do not even realize that your incarnate soul is often busy while you sleep, gathering souls and helping them go to the Light.

When the Light fades away within and around you because of uncertainty, it takes away from your power. the power I speak of is that of God's love that can emanate within and then on out into your aura and even further. Don't you know that there are those all around you that are affected by your energy? Don't you realize that when you feel 'down' that it affects all those near you... even your pets can be affected. Do you care?

I know you do. When you feel that depressed feeling, recognize it is time to face it and let go. Read about me, Metatron, and how I can help you. But I cannot help you if you do not ask.


Lily: Finding peace with the person that you are is a significant healing tool specialized just for you. If you can do that, you will find life healthier and happier. Finding inner peace includes letting go of the past, recognizing the things you feel you did wrong and letting them go, and trying to live in today.

You will begin to heal any illness that you have or could have in the future if you can let go of the things you consider negative in any way. If you are unsure of where you stand in this, you can ask your people in Spirit. If you do not hear us, try a pendulum or automatic writing... and some of you have your own way of getting answers. (Remember that if you use a pendulum, you'll really need to clear your mind of all judgments, or you will sway the pendulum with your thoughts.

Understanding yourself is very important. When you made past mistakes, did you know they were mistakes at that time? Most of you do not realize the effect of what you do on others and even on the future you. Even now, if you look back and see those 'mistakes', recognize the why you decided to do what you did.

Life on Earth is exciting and adventurous, but is full of challenges that you created for yourself before you came to Earth. Trusting that each decision you have made in the past and even today's decisions are there because of freewill and there is no wrong decision is extremely important. Even those things you call mistakes you've made, there was no wrong decision... only experiences.

Now, let's look at soul 'growth'. If you look back and feel sorrow, anger, grief.... any strong feeling about decisions you made... your soul has grown greatly because you have learned that what you did affected someone, even yourself, in a negative way.

Loss of integrity and of self confidence are the usual results of bad decisions. Again... these need to be turned into a positive by realizing you now know how you would handle the situation.

Be proud of all those past challenges and all the decisions you've made in this life... not all of them have been a negative. In fact, very few of them have... those that are considered to be a negative just carry more impact on you than all those good decisions you've made.


Merry Christmas

December, 2017

Michael: When a person has a fear of another person, it is sometimes impossible to recognize the good that is in that person if all you have experienced is the negative. I'm asking you to try to list the good vs. the negative of that person... to create a balance sheet to help you at least recognize the positive that is there.

First and foremost, recognize that the person's negative or harmful actions is the personality of that person... not the soul. Yes, some souls are negative... even dark, but most souls are of the Light and mean no harm. The soul of the person needs your prayers and it is important to realize that those prayers can be powerful for you and that soul... and sometimes even for that person.

The Higher Self of that soul is always in attendance and does all that is possible to bolster the soul and hopefully have an influence on the human. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it does not. The most important thing is for you to realize that the soul needs the prayers, so we ask you to separate the two in your mind... soul and personality... to pray for that person as a whole or at least for the soul.


Michael: As we approach a new year, I'm asking each of you at this time to greet it with a positive thought and outlook. So many things are happening in the world today... your individual world, especially... that you need to really focus on the positives of your life now and for the future.

We've talked about your dreaming big for yourself... that is especially true now... this is an excellent time to manifest those things in your life that will benefit you and possibly others. The one thing necessary here is a manifest... a list of those things you would like to have in your life, and remember as you make your list, really see and feel it as a true reality.

We are always available to help you to manifest those things you desire, but remember that it is up to you to put your heart and soul and your truth into those things. As for those things you desire, there will always be a filtering system and you may or may not get exactly what you wish for. You will also find it necessary to talk to God about the things you are desirous of in your life. You might even ask if what you are asking for is proper and best for you.

The one thing to remember about manifestation... it only truly works with clarity, so be clear in your statements and desires.



a cleansing of past and present by Michael

This is a time of cleansing... not only of each of you that are willing... but of Mother Earth, herself. When you hold on to painful memories, they only become infected and grow in intensity. Letting go is an absolutely beautiful way to begin the new year.

Begin now to write down all of those things of the past and the present that you would like (and need) to let go of. Include everything you can think of ... people, memories that are painful, experiences of pain or embarrassment... search your heart, soul, and mind to add to your list.

Do this daily, or as the memories come forward, until December 31st. At midnight on December 31st, hold your list firmly between your two hands, as if in prayer. (If you are one of those that cannot Ďmake ití till midnight, please be reassured that you can do this exercise anytime. It is in your own mind and effort that doing it at the end of the old and beginning of a new year might mean something more special to/for you.)

Focus positive, loving energy toward your list, while asking Godís love and Grace to allow you to release these things. Having created a safe place to burn your list ahead of time, it is now time to do so. Drop your list into the fire, as you continue your request of God to help you to release.


Lily: Today marks a day of recognition of many gifts received. Since I'm writing this on Thanksgiving Day, you'll understand my words even though this special day will be in the past by the time you receive this newsletter.

But it does not matter because each day is a special day that you can give thanks for all your gifts and abundance. It is literally a way to wake up each morning with a smile on your face and in your heart and say, "thank you, God, for this beautiful day"... even before you look out the window and see what kind of weather is presented.

Once this day is past, you cannot get it back... but it would be wonderful if you could remember the perfect days as clearly as many of you remember the painful and imperfect ones. May I suggest you begin to try to remember the days that were more perfect? It might help to clear away some of the negative energy that surrounds you at times.

If you are ill, I suggest you begin to learn more about your illness and the many ways you can help to heal yourself, whether it is a mental, physical, emotional, or Spiritual illness. As time goes forward, it will be up to you to make changes in your life to help yourself in whatever way is needed.

I know life on Earth can be hard, but so many of you have already surpassed in regaining the needed energy to present a positive you to the world.

Be patient, we will not desert you, and I promise that the energy will clear around you soon to help you feel more positive and happier.


Bartholomew: Dale has asked what Christmas means to me. I will say that each of us in Spirit will have many different answers... just as each of you on Earth do.

One thing that fascinates me, especially for those of you in America and a few other civilized countries, is the tremendous outpouring of love around this holiday. Yes, most of you buy many gifts for others... and self... but there is love there or you would not trouble yourself to do so. But it is not just the gifts from each of you... realize that the story behind Santa Claus (and his many other names and traditions) is based on love also.

Then we come to the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of our Jesus Christ. Some of you will not resonate with my experience of this time of year, but many of you will. I feel it is a time of renewal, of rebirth... and that is exactly what it is meant to represent. So much is focused on Jesus' death... but remember... his birth, his childhood, all the things that he experienced as a young man... his human self. This is all cause for celebration and to renew yourself for the unconditional love that is supposed to be represented.

Jesus, himself, will tell you that he was not a perfect human... so many of you believe that he was... but no, he did find anger build within himself... as well as hunger for knowledge and new experiences which often got him into trouble.

The one thing I do love about Christmas is the overall energy. If you can slow down enough just to sit in silence and FEEL the energy... focus in on that time of His birth and feel the calm and peace. What a wonderful thing if everyone took the time to do this. Imagine the peace that would multiply worldwide, the calm and healing that would truly begin for all humankind.

It is my prayer that each of you experience some kind of rebirth of the self this Christmas, to find peace within as well as with all those you find any animosity with. Let this be a new beginning, letting go of the past. It must start somewhere... let it be with you.




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