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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




January, 2019



So many of you have created illness and or disease in your life. A lot of it has to do with the changes working within your physical bodies... changes in your DNA to continue on Earth in health.

The problem exists that when your doctor comes up with a diagnosis of some dreaded disease, you believe it is the end of your healthy life on Earth.

Yes, some of you have created this illness on your life line, but most of you have not. It's happening because of the stress you live in daily as well as those DNA changes.

If you can keep a positive attitude, follow your physical doctors advice/medications, do what you can to regain your health... you will find yourself feeling better and ultimately healthy again in time. Being human, there is doubt in what I'm telling you. If you could hear us as Dale does, you would hear our daily reassurances that this ailment is not life long... even as other areas of the body seem to create more problems. Since most of you cannot hear our words, we try to send messages to you in thought, dreams, etc to help you get through the rough times.

I know it is hard, especially when you've been given a devastating diagnosis, and yet this is the time you fight, the time you have to add your positive thoughts to our positive and reassuring voices.

So, as it has taken many years for you to get to this point in your life, it will take a few more years for you to truly pull out of whatever illness you've created. But please make an effort to believe that you are one of many that your illness is temporary, and not life threatening. 2019 is the beginning of clearer healthier energy for Earth and for you.

God Bless to each of you, Michael


Michael: This bit is in reference to a message forwarded to each of you in early December: 11-11-18: The Most Powerful day in 9 Years! "Our Planet Rang like a bell for 20 minutes, and scientists don't know why"... about strange waves rippling around the world.

The vast majority of you are familiar with Earth's move into a new dimension a few years ago, and she is still settling into that new dimension. (We've talked about that often in the past.)

The waves mentioned in the above article was simply Earth's becoming more settled. There will be more of these in the future, but there will not be a true understanding of it by the scientists, though there will be many theories coming forth.

There is earth under the ocean floor. Imagine an underground cavern (under the ocean) closing an opening... not a cave-in, but an energetic closing. There are many major vortices in your world that you can visit to feel their energy... consider Mt. Shasta or Sedona, AZ. Those vortices do not usually create major problems.

The one that we used the 'cavern' as an example was a very powerful vortex that was beginning to create a balance problem for Earth, hence the closure of that vortex to remove the problem. That closure was what created those energetic waves.

With Earth's continued efforts to become accustomed to the different energy in her present dimension, she will continue to need help from the Universe to settle safely. Consider this happening a gift to Earth and all her inhabitants.


Melchezidek: In reference to the above information from Michael, I would like to add that the changes Earth is going through will always be safe for all of you. Yes, the vortex spoken of would definitely have created a major problem, yet Earth is a very valuable planet and will always 'be'.

Your Earth scientists are always monitoring all things about Earth... so are we. We can detect minute happenings that can become a problem before they actually do. It is a testament to Earth, herself, that she is so strong and so loved and that she is a survivor.

The most wonderful thing about all of this is the mystery created for so many. There will be more of many different natures, so relax and know that the unexplained is not always unexplainable.

Another subject I would like to share is the fact that each of you are here to be a part of the webbing that continues to support Earth in many ways. A few are obvious.. each of you are Lights that volunteered to come to Earth at this time, but another area is that those of you that are here are healers as well as warriors.

You may not feel much like a warrior, but I assure you that is who and what you are. You may not feel the inner strength or the physical strength of a warrior, but you are a warrior that has chosen to do what you can by being on Earth.

Whether you are physically strong or not... it is your Light that holds the strength I speak of. Most of you will go through life without realizing this, but your truth will be seen and understood when you return home... if not before.

In closing, I would like to commend each of you for your presence on Earth. It is often a rough journey, but one that is a most valuable and memorable destination.


Lily: I write this information on the day before Christmas Eve. I wonder how many of you are thinking about Christmas and are already in the kitchen preparing some of the goodies you'll have for yourself and possibly family and/or friends.

I pray that you are not alone. If you are, it is your own fault because even if you do not have anyone near you to share Christmas joy with, there are always the shelters that could use a friendly and loving hand to share in giving to those less fortunate.

There are so many ways to bring about change in your life starting with giving/sharing with others in a safe environment. When you make an effort to help others, you will find greater joy and acceptance in your life.

Today is a special day. Thinking back to Mary and Joseph's experience at this time of year in their life, they are preparing for the birth of their child. Yes, Joseph would be the child's stepfather, but he looked forward to embracing this child as his own in all ways. Mary didn't have the conveniences or professional help from doctors and nurses in those days. But she was ecstatic and excited about this child she was bringing into the world.

So much is taken for granted in today's world that you live in. Many of you already give thanks for all you have and are... but many still take it for granted. Begin today to give thanks for all your blessings, and try to focus on those blessings and recognize that yes, you had help in bringing them into your life.

So as this new year of 2019 begins, also be open to change, because your life is changing daily in some way, and this year will bring major change to all of you in one way or another. Be prepared to accept the disappointments along with the joys that you will experience. Know that this is a new beginning... a period that many of you have been waiting all this life on earth to experience. I know that you don't yet know what I speak of, but by the end of this year, you will have a greater understanding.

God Bless, and have a healthy and prosperous 2019.


Bartholomew: Asking for help in your daily life is a necessary thing from time to time. There is help on the physical level from friends and family, and from those of a professional level. But we desire for you to ask us for help, too. Those of us in Spirit that are devoted to helping you traverse this journey you have chosen on Earth, and we do what we can to help you in all ways as long as it does not interfere with your journey and the major challenges you face.

Yes, I know... those major challenges are when you need the help from us most, and we do what we can even then. We do pray for you, we send thoughts to you to help guide you, we often even enter your dreamscape to give guidance and positive energy.

It is up to you to be open to us and our efforts to help you. Many of you take the time to communicate with us, some get frustrated when nothing seems to happen... yet, we are always with you at those times. You, yourself, are your own barrier to the communication we try to share. It does take time and effort for you to open that sacred door within yourself to enter into our world.

Living in two worlds as Dale does can often be confusing. She learned long ago to talk to us in her thoughts and not out loud in words, because that can become a habit and an embarrassment when you are out in public and talking to someone that no one can see. She also learned long ago that there are times that we create certain challenges to help her and possibly you to get past certain uncertainties and barriers.

When she first started working at psychic fairs, we wanted her to learn not to be offended with those that might have harsh words for the type of work and person she was. We created an instance three different times at different fairs where she was approached by a person that would say, " I'll pray for you, I know you are evil".

At first, she was offended and tried to defend herself that she would never do anything without God's approval. By the third time, she finally just said , "Thank you" and as they walked away, she said in her thoughts, "I'll pray for you, too!"

She finally realized that these situations were created by those of us in Spirit to help her learn to accept outwardly what might have hurt her spirit otherwise and continue on without being offended.

Those of you that read this may never encounter a similar situation, but I guarantee that you have experienced many instances in the past and more in the future where we have helped you through a problem. If you have a certain challenge that you face more than once or twice, it is definitely something to recognize as an opportunity to heal something in your life.

This year of 2019 has a wonderful energy coming to Earth, so many blessings are heading toward you in so many ways. Challenges will always be a part of your life, but your attitude is the main contributor to your getting through this life in a positive and healthy way. As the Blessings continue to pour into your life, try to count those Blessings daily.

God Bless for a happy and healthy 2019.


December, 2018

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

May the Light of Love surround you and penetrate deep into your heart.


"Jesus is the reason for the Season!"


Michael: As Christmas is approaching, I want to remind you all that the true gift of Christmas is the legacy left by Jesus... not just his death, but his every living moment. He was a man, one that felt love, anger, all kinds of emotions... even fear. The difference is that he faced every challenge with love and strength, he was a 'super hero' to so many.

You do not have to be a perfect person to live your life on Earth... in fact, that person does not exist... even in Jesus' time. What you do need is to learn to open your heart to yourself and others, forgive yourself and others when needed, and to move through your life with trust that even though your future may hold many challenges, you will have the inner strength to overcome all of them.

It is so often that we (your people in Spirit) are forgotten. We continually fight many battles for you... usually unknown to you. But we truly desire to fight those battles WITH you. Together we can accomplish miracles.

So as 2018 ends, and you begin a new year, consider creating a new you... one that knows in your heart that we are here and will do everything we can to help you when you need us, but our favorite times are when you call on us just to visit a bit. We are also your friends, not just your guardians, teachers, or guides.

God Bless and love, Michael


Lily: Today's message is simply to get out of your own way. Have you ever thought of something you would like to do, make plans, then start making excuses for not doing it? Most of you are easily discouraged if your plans take extra energy or long distance to travel, but I suggest you try these things at least twice to see if they are worth the effort...many of them are worth the extra effort.

The challenge here is to recognize if the barriers to those things you are interested in are really worth being barriers. Suppose there are meetings on the other side of the city you would normally be interested in and the major obstacle would be traveling after dark after the meeting ends. This is actually a valid barrier because many of you are not comfortable traveling after dark, much less if the distance is an hour or more on the road.

I'm just suggesting you give new things a try before dismissing them. You might even begin to create more things near or in your home yourself.

Life is full of surprises and it is full of adventure if you allow yourself to experience new things.


Melchezidek: What is it that you want most in this life that you are living on Earth? I do not mean the larger picture like world peace, but something more personal just for you?

To find the center of your personal world, I ask you to remember that for you to be beneficial for/to yourself is most important. Recognizing your own value, learning to love and forgive yourself are the first steps to being beneficial to others. The idea that you must do for others first before yourself is not a true picture of how the Universe works. By honoring yourself, you are making room to invite others into your life in ways that you have never considered.

Dale recently discovered that by working with us, she not only finds little gifts from us... such as a light turned on, or something moved from one location to another... but her world is opening up even more to many other possibilities. All this because she has sincerely embraced our world... and is not frightened by these 'unusual' happenings.

Also, I must tell you that attitude is very important. Recognition of those things you know are wrong and trying to make right is one way to help yourself in this life you live.

It is very hard on those of you that live and work in our world, as well as continuing to be a force in your 'human' world. We find it easy to help you realize your potential when you accept yourself and begin to see the possibilities of your future.

As this year comes to an end, begin to recognize the more important things you desire in your life. Even if you feel it is an impossible goal, keep working with the idea. When you focus on a certain exciting or happy goal, you will often find beautiful and exciting surprises along the way to that goal. Even if you never reach that particular goal, you will have cleared a path for many other 'gifts' to come into your life.

May each of you have a Blessed Christmas, and a Blessed 2019.


Lily: The next thing I would like to bring to your attention is the way you structure your ambition. So many of you have generalities of thought... things you desire in your life, your future... places you desire to visit in your United States and the rest of the world... things you want to do. For now, this is just an idea for you to think about. For the rest of this year, try to focus on just a very few things that you desire to experience.

When you bring your focus into one, two, maybe three major things and meditate, pray, think about at times, you are pulling your energy into focus on just those things and bringing your power into play. It is so very important to realize that YOU have the power and the energy to focus and create.

Dale, too, is quite scattered about this... so as I begin to help her focus on the few most important things she wants in her life, so too can your people in Spirit around you can help you know how to do this. Simply ask for help in your thoughts or out loud if you are alone. Prayer is a positive in this, but if you are not one to pray, then just learn to focus maybe once a day on those things then let go till the next day or so. You can also communicate with the Universal Energy and ask for help.

Displaying your gratitude for this help is important. Some of you overdo the 'thank you's', but it is important to remember to thank your people around you for their help, thank the Universe, thank God also if you are a devout person. It's amazing how the energy can change in and around you when you do this.

I know that some of you are angry at God for one or many things... some of you are angry at your angels and guides for some failure or loss that you've experienced. Once again I remind you that your life on Earth was created by your soul to live life on Earth and maneuver through all experiences with Grace and forgiveness. If you cannot overcome your anger or disappointment, it will be your loss in total and complete happiness that can be yours.

Learning to overcome any animosity is important because it will hang over, around, and through you like a dark cloud. That dark cloud is made up of your own negativity and it can actually make you physically ill. Learning to remove that darkness is easier than you think. In fact, that could be one of those things you focus on to move forward and truly enjoy this short visit to Earth. Try to remember the good in your past and even in your present. Ask your Angels around you to put those memories in your mind to help you begin to appreciate those experiences and to feel the joy they might have brought to you.

When a life ends early on Earth... it truly does not. Each soul has a designated time to return to their true home... to allow physical body to die. Actually, each of you have numerous 'outs' to go home, it is when your Higher Self (Over Soul) decides that it is time to leave Earth that you actually do so. If a loved one, or even YOU become disabled because of an accident or because of war, it is usually a pre-planned experience, a challenge, for you to work through to make the best of the situation... THIS is also your own souls decision, created before you came to Earth.

There is sometimes madness of the mind. When that happens, there are multiple reasons. One, as above said... it was created by your soul... but often this is actually created by you... the person experiencing it. This is often an expression of the dark side of you, each of you is Light and dark, positive and negative. Just as stress can create physical illness, stress can also create an illness of the mind if you do not try to overcome the negatives in your life.

As soul at your true home, you are hungry for self growth, to experience things that you do not experience in the safety and love that surrounds you there. You might call it boredom, but there are so many things to experience at your true home that boredom really does not exist there. If you are reading this, you are a Child of the Light, many of you are warriors of the Light. And the main reason you are on Earth is to offset the negative... even evil... that is trying to rule Earth. Yes God is powerful and can remove those of the dark, but will not do so because of free will. In free will, each of you are exposed to many things of the dark on Earth and some other planets where life can exist. It is up to you in your free will to continue down the path of darkness or learn to pull yourself back into the Light. Not all of you will experience the evil that exists, but just your being on Earth helps to offset that darkness... and THAT is the main reason you are here at this time.

This life you are living on Earth is so very important. It is a training ground for you to learn the basics of self preservation, of compassion, and of forgiveness. As you grow older, it is of major importance to sift the negatives out of your thoughts, let go of them, and learn to see the beauty of each day... even of each person. You do not have to love or even like certain people or situations... but pray for them, if you cannot pray for them, try to surround them with love. When you make an effort... miracles begin to happen within you.


Mary: From the beginning of time, there have been miracles in all parts of your world. Today I ask Dale to look up miracles that have happened in your United States and share with you.

{ Dale: I love the stories in Guideposts "Mysterious Ways" and "Angels on Earth", so from time to time I'll include one that I think ya'll might enjoy. We hope that it will spark your interest enough for you to share short stories about your own 'special' experiences, too.}

MYSTERIOUS WAYS.... from Oct/Nov issue:

Kingwood Township, New Jersey: In June, 26 year old State Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over driver Matthew Bailly for a minor violation.

According to The Washington Post, Matthew mentioned that he was a retired police officer from Piscataway, in central New Jersey. That happened to be Trooper Patterson's hometown... he'd grown up on Poe Place. Matthew knew the street well. More than 20 years earlier, he'd been called to a blue colonial house there. A woman had gone into labor at the supermarket, then driven home. With no time to get her to the hospital, her husband called 911.

As a doctor guided him on the phone, Matthew delivered the couple's baby. A healthy boy they named Michael. Trooper Patterson couldn't believe it. His mother told him that same story every October on his birthday. He shook Matthew's hand, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir," he said." "Thank you for delivering me."

Matthew escaped without a ticket that day but later got a follow-up visit from Trooper Patterson and his grateful mom.


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