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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




February, 2019

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from all of us to all of you!

Bartholomew: God Bless those of you that recognize the love surrounding you on this day of all days. Even if you have no other human in your life at this moment, we are abundant around you, sharing your days, your heartaches, all pain, and best of all... your moments of happiness.

Please remember, you are NOT alone.


Michael: Throughout one's life while on Earth, there may be found reason to doubt that there is love focused on you from our world.

It is truly a gift that some of you can feel the energy that we try to share with you. I say 'try' because many of you are closed to the possibilities and do not allow yourself to receive that healing energy. Those of you that do feel and do allow often have worked hard at learning to release those barriers and look forward to feeling the energies from us as well as you would from well wishers elsewhere.

Love is a healing energy, it is an emotion that cuts through all barriers when allowed by the one receiving. As that energy floods your body, it gives and adds inner strength to overcome all things. As you are presently human, most of you equate 'love' human to human, but if you can learn to open up to the love from all your 'people' in spirit (not just family members and friends that have passed, but your Angels, teachers, guides... all of us in the Spirit world) that are constantly there for you, you will be amazed at the magic in your life and the miracles that can be created.

Another healing element is often missed, especially if you are ill and just have no energy, is that of imagination. See in your mind the many beautiful things you have experienced, things of beauty you desire to see, that you see in magazines, TV, computers... there are SO many opportunities for this. Visualize yourself there... see, feel, hear what's happening around you in the visualization.

Another is laughter. So maybe there is nothing happening in your life to smile about, much less to laugh about. Search and find... get on your computer if you don't have any other ideas and find sites that can bring about those smiles and laughter. Funny animal videos, comedians that you find you like, jokes... any number of possibilities.

And last, but not least... music. Not the kind that can make you sentimental and cry, but the kind that makes you feel like flying or dancing. OK, so you are still ill, but you can FEEL the music in your heart and mind, and in your soul.

All of these suggestions can help you get through any illness, and we are always there to dance with you in your mind if you will meet us half way.


Bartholomew: As Michael was speaking just now, it brought to mind something I've wanted to speak of for a very long time, but kept putting it aside.

When a person has come on Earth with an agenda that is overloaded, that itself can bring on stress and illness. Even though it is on your lifeline to accomplish, you can still make changes. All you need to do is to weed out those things that can be put aside till later, and don't say that it is impossible... that all are equally important... that is just not possible. There are always ways to make changes in a to-do list, ways to cut corners, ways to delegate to others. It just takes time to sort through and to think through.

I especially commend those of you caring for an ageing parent or relative, or an invalid of any relationship, but there are those that can help. Start a search, talk to people, if you belong to a church, let it be known that you need help. Look for organizations that offer help. Sometimes family members that should be helping will shy away for any of many reasons, but ask anyway (and try to forgive when they make excuses that take them elsewhere).

Families cannot always be counted on to do their share in the responsibility of caretaking. There are many that have good intentions, but don't truly follow through, and that is when it is left up to you to decide if you are going to harbor resentment or forgive and continue to do the best you can.

When a family member is dying, and chooses to do so at home if possible, they do not realize the stress they are putting on the family. It takes the death experience itself to realize what you have created in your desires of that experience, and you will not see the results until you attend your review of your life on Earth at your true home.

We have meandered in many directions in this bit of an article, but I feel there are those of you reading this that need the information. Don't give up on life... or people. Do what you can as you can and when you can. Ask for help, whether it is offered or not, and be proud of taking on a burden that is one of the hardest experiences of your life on Earth.


Melchezidek: From my heart to yours, I believe in your journey. I believe in you more than you believe in yourself, and I believe that this life you are living is more valuable than anything on Earth or the Universe.

Each of you came into this world with numerous agendas. Most of you feel you have failed at one or more things in your life, but as I have told many of you during your readings... just being here on Earth at this time is magnificent and an honor to Earth and yourself.

Being aware of the relationship you have with our Higher Power is not necessary, and recognition of a job well done for any individual thing is not necessary because it will all come together for you when you return to your true home some day and begin your revue of this life you are presently living.

Some of you have lost friends and loved ones since our last newsletter. I do feel for your pain in that loss, but I also celebrate for the person that let go of Earth to return to their true and cherished home. If you, the one left behind on Earth, could experience the celebration of the return of your loved one to their true home, you would celebrate with them. The people of New Orleans have the right idea... celebrate the life of that person... celebrate the death of the physical so the true essence of your life can return home. A person's life on Earth is never cut short. It is lived as long as that soul meant for it to.

So, I say to you now... grieve, shed your tears, but remember the good times, the healthy times, the laughter and love shared and say, "God Bless on your new journey. I will miss your presence here on Earth, but we will be together again someday in the future."


Lily: For some time now, we have been working with Dale to help her understand her own power. In their own way, your people in spirit do the same thing. For instance, you may feel like doing one thing today, but your inside voice or even your conscious says you should do another. YOU are your own boss, dictator, power to do what you want to.

If you feel tired or ill, and that interior thought or voice says you need to exercise or clean house, etc... it's up to you. You may think... am I tired or just lazy? You hold the answer, and you still make the final decision about what you will do.

Don't let us or that inner voice bully you. What you think you should do and what you ultimately do is not as important as recognizing that you are your own control. Live your life, enjoy your life, and above all... recognize the control that you are... ultimately YOU are the only one you have total control over.


January, 2019



So many of you have created illness and or disease in your life. A lot of it has to do with the changes working within your physical bodies... changes in your DNA to continue on Earth in health.

The problem exists that when your doctor comes up with a diagnosis of some dreaded disease, you believe it is the end of your healthy life on Earth.

Yes, some of you have created this illness on your life line, but most of you have not. It's happening because of the stress you live in daily as well as those DNA changes.

If you can keep a positive attitude, follow your physical doctors advice/medications, do what you can to regain your health... you will find yourself feeling better and ultimately healthy again in time. Being human, there is doubt in what I'm telling you. If you could hear us as Dale does, you would hear our daily reassurances that this ailment is not life long... even as other areas of the body seem to create more problems. Since most of you cannot hear our words, we try to send messages to you in thought, dreams, etc to help you get through the rough times.

I know it is hard, especially when you've been given a devastating diagnosis, and yet this is the time you fight, the time you have to add your positive thoughts to our positive and reassuring voices.

So, as it has taken many years for you to get to this point in your life, it will take a few more years for you to truly pull out of whatever illness you've created. But please make an effort to believe that you are one of many that your illness is temporary, and not life threatening. 2019 is the beginning of clearer healthier energy for Earth and for you.

God Bless to each of you, Michael


Michael: This bit is in reference to a message forwarded to each of you in early December: 11-11-18: The Most Powerful day in 9 Years! "Our Planet Rang like a bell for 20 minutes, and scientists don't know why"... about strange waves rippling around the world.

The vast majority of you are familiar with Earth's move into a new dimension a few years ago, and she is still settling into that new dimension. (We've talked about that often in the past.)

The waves mentioned in the above article was simply Earth's becoming more settled. There will be more of these in the future, but there will not be a true understanding of it by the scientists, though there will be many theories coming forth.

There is earth under the ocean floor. Imagine an underground cavern (under the ocean) closing an opening... not a cave-in, but an energetic closing. There are many major vortices in your world that you can visit to feel their energy... consider Mt. Shasta or Sedona, AZ. Those vortices do not usually create major problems.

The one that we used the 'cavern' as an example was a very powerful vortex that was beginning to create a balance problem for Earth, hence the closure of that vortex to remove the problem. That closure was what created those energetic waves.

With Earth's continued efforts to become accustomed to the different energy in her present dimension, she will continue to need help from the Universe to settle safely. Consider this happening a gift to Earth and all her inhabitants.


Melchezidek: In reference to the above information from Michael, I would like to add that the changes Earth is going through will always be safe for all of you. Yes, the vortex spoken of would definitely have created a major problem, yet Earth is a very valuable planet and will always 'be'.

Your Earth scientists are always monitoring all things about Earth... so are we. We can detect minute happenings that can become a problem before they actually do. It is a testament to Earth, herself, that she is so strong and so loved and that she is a survivor.

The most wonderful thing about all of this is the mystery created for so many. There will be more of many different natures, so relax and know that the unexplained is not always unexplainable.

Another subject I would like to share is the fact that each of you are here to be a part of the webbing that continues to support Earth in many ways. A few are obvious.. each of you are Lights that volunteered to come to Earth at this time, but another area is that those of you that are here are healers as well as warriors.

You may not feel much like a warrior, but I assure you that is who and what you are. You may not feel the inner strength or the physical strength of a warrior, but you are a warrior that has chosen to do what you can by being on Earth.

Whether you are physically strong or not... it is your Light that holds the strength I speak of. Most of you will go through life without realizing this, but your truth will be seen and understood when you return home... if not before.

In closing, I would like to commend each of you for your presence on Earth. It is often a rough journey, but one that is a most valuable and memorable destination.


Lily: I write this information on the day before Christmas Eve. I wonder how many of you are thinking about Christmas and are already in the kitchen preparing some of the goodies you'll have for yourself and possibly family and/or friends.

I pray that you are not alone. If you are, it is your own fault because even if you do not have anyone near you to share Christmas joy with, there are always the shelters that could use a friendly and loving hand to share in giving to those less fortunate.

There are so many ways to bring about change in your life starting with giving/sharing with others in a safe environment. When you make an effort to help others, you will find greater joy and acceptance in your life.

Today is a special day. Thinking back to Mary and Joseph's experience at this time of year in their life, they are preparing for the birth of their child. Yes, Joseph would be the child's stepfather, but he looked forward to embracing this child as his own in all ways. Mary didn't have the conveniences or professional help from doctors and nurses in those days. But she was ecstatic and excited about this child she was bringing into the world.

So much is taken for granted in today's world that you live in. Many of you already give thanks for all you have and are... but many still take it for granted. Begin today to give thanks for all your blessings, and try to focus on those blessings and recognize that yes, you had help in bringing them into your life.

So as this new year of 2019 begins, also be open to change, because your life is changing daily in some way, and this year will bring major change to all of you in one way or another. Be prepared to accept the disappointments along with the joys that you will experience. Know that this is a new beginning... a period that many of you have been waiting all this life on earth to experience. I know that you don't yet know what I speak of, but by the end of this year, you will have a greater understanding.

God Bless, and have a healthy and prosperous 2019.


Bartholomew: Asking for help in your daily life is a necessary thing from time to time. There is help on the physical level from friends and family, and from those of a professional level. But we desire for you to ask us for help, too. Those of us in Spirit that are devoted to helping you traverse this journey you have chosen on Earth, and we do what we can to help you in all ways as long as it does not interfere with your journey and the major challenges you face.

Yes, I know... those major challenges are when you need the help from us most, and we do what we can even then. We do pray for you, we send thoughts to you to help guide you, we often even enter your dreamscape to give guidance and positive energy.

It is up to you to be open to us and our efforts to help you. Many of you take the time to communicate with us, some get frustrated when nothing seems to happen... yet, we are always with you at those times. You, yourself, are your own barrier to the communication we try to share. It does take time and effort for you to open that sacred door within yourself to enter into our world.

Living in two worlds as Dale does can often be confusing. She learned long ago to talk to us in her thoughts and not out loud in words, because that can become a habit and an embarrassment when you are out in public and talking to someone that no one can see. She also learned long ago that there are times that we create certain challenges to help her and possibly you to get past certain uncertainties and barriers.

When she first started working at psychic fairs, we wanted her to learn not to be offended with those that might have harsh words for the type of work and person she was. We created an instance three different times at different fairs where she was approached by a person that would say, " I'll pray for you, I know you are evil".

At first, she was offended and tried to defend herself that she would never do anything without God's approval. By the third time, she finally just said , "Thank you" and as they walked away, she said in her thoughts, "I'll pray for you, too!"

She finally realized that these situations were created by those of us in Spirit to help her learn to accept outwardly what might have hurt her spirit otherwise and continue on without being offended.

Those of you that read this may never encounter a similar situation, but I guarantee that you have experienced many instances in the past and more in the future where we have helped you through a problem. If you have a certain challenge that you face more than once or twice, it is definitely something to recognize as an opportunity to heal something in your life.

This year of 2019 has a wonderful energy coming to Earth, so many blessings are heading toward you in so many ways. Challenges will always be a part of your life, but your attitude is the main contributor to your getting through this life in a positive and healthy way. As the Blessings continue to pour into your life, try to count those Blessings daily.

God Bless for a happy and healthy 2019.



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