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Arch Angel Michael

It is so easy to focus on the problems that exist in our world that we often forget to be aware and thankful for the positives and pluses we have.




December, 2019

(from 2018 submission)
Lily: I write this information on the day before Christmas Eve. I wonder how many of you are thinking about Christmas and are already in the kitchen preparing some of the goodies you'll have for yourself and possibly family and/or friends.

I pray that you are not alone. If you are, it is your own fault because even if you do not have anyone near you to share Christmas joy with, there are always the shelters that could use a friendly and loving hand to share in giving to those less fortunate.

There are so many ways to bring about change in your life starting with giving/sharing with others in a safe environment. When you make an effort to help others, you will find greater joy and acceptance in your life.

Today is a special day. Thinking back to Mary and Joseph's experience at this time of year in their life, they are preparing for the birth of their child. Yes, Joseph would be the child's stepfather, but he looked forward to embracing this child as his own in all ways. Mary didn't have the conveniences or professional help from doctors and nurses in those days. But she was ecstatic and excited about this child she was bringing into the world.

So much is taken for granted in today's world that you live in. Many of you already give thanks for all you have and are... but many still take it for granted. Begin today to give thanks for all your blessings, and try to focus on those blessings and recognize that yes, you had help in bringing them into your life.


Michael: December is already upon us once again. There is a call for each of you to recognize the change in energy that you are receiving. The challenges you face today, will soon be in the past, and new challenges will begin, but right now you need to focus on the positive of each day. If you can do this, you can heal a lot of wounds of the past and present. You might consider this month of December magical.

Control your thoughts as well as action. If you awaken each morning not feeling well... do what you can to feel better and process the thought " this is temporary, I will feel better soon". If you are in a bad mood... do NOT hold on to it, focus on releasing it and replacing it with something happier and more acceptable. I do recognize how hard this is, but an effort brings more magic into your lives.

Please note that I use the word magic and not miracles. Yes, many of you have miracles daily without even realizing it, but I'm saving that particular word for the 'big stuff', the things that you would recognize as a miracle.

Both of these words hold wonderful energy. Magic has received a negative connotation by many because of the reference of 'black magic' or voodoo, or such things. But I desire you to hold on to the positive of magic... how you feel when you experience something or someone beautiful. How you feel when you laugh at something truly enjoyed and how you feel around people that are having fun, and you are also enjoying them and their fun.... MAGIC!

Now, the miracles in your life are a challenge to recognize, but they are really available for you and they can create that 'magic' for you as well. While it is good to feel good and to laugh and have an enjoyable time, it is equally important for quiet time... 'you' time. Just to sit and be quiet, look outside at the beauty of nature, to meditate, to just focus on the beauty of life.

It's too easy to think of all the things wrong with your life, with politics, with the neighbors, with just about every possible thought you create... but the challenge here is to change those thoughts to something that can create magic for you and maybe for others.

Be aware of your affect on others. Be magical yourself. Smile, laugh when the opportunity arises, greet others in some way that makes them feel good about themselves. Create magic at every opportunity. Know in your heart and soul that you are a special Light on Earth and helping others as well as yourself to heal the wounds of the past and present by being that Light. God Bless and Merry Christmas to all of you this year.


Joshua: In my estimation, the coming days until Christmas actually arrives will be spent in a flurry of activities, some which are Christmas bound... but mostly about changes in your lives. The extreme measures that some of you will be engaged in will take more time than others. There will always be uncertainties about change, and that does include fear of that change. If the changes you are involved in take more time, just be patient read all you can about the change you are involved in, as well as learning and understanding what you are reading.

Many of these changes can affect your life financially, as well as on the more personal level. To save yourself a lot of stress, you must really trust what you are attempting to change in your life. I know... I know... you are human on Earth, and that means that you often do not trust or understand much of the new coming in. But that does not mean that you have to go blindly into that change. Ask God and your Higher Self to send you someone like myself to help you. I am a 'specialist' in many areas and can help you making financial changes in your life as well as on a more personal level like 'is it time to move' or 'is it time to leave this job'?

Those of you that truly believe in our presence and our help will receive that help through your thoughts, hearing, dreams, and a myriad other ways that we communicate with you.

You would not believe how many of you do ask for help, then never follow through or believe/trust in what information comes to you.

Yes, it is much easier if you could hear us, and trust that hearing... but many of you do not allow that gift into your lives yet.

As the end of 2019 comes and the beginning of 2020 is upon you... practice interacting with us. It is really easier than you can imagine.

Don't delay, say your prayer of protection and just do it!


Robin: In honor of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Angels bow each Christmas Eve for hours (your time). We feel the tribute is a necessary devotion, as we will do this again at Easter. So much symbolic display in our world as it is in yours.

We thank those of you that hold these special days in your heart, however you celebrate His birth and death. It is a great honor for those of you on Earth that believe in His reality, and each of you will find that truth as He greets you, Himself, on your return home.

There are those that don't believe that will find truth as He will greet them also... what a wonderful gift to each of you.

I am Robin, one of God's Angels of Protection and of Love and Light. Blessing to each of you.


Lily: This is a month of great determination for many of you. With the efforts you make now toward the new year, you will find more productivity and satisfaction as you enter into 2020 and continue toward its end.

By focusing on the things you want in your life... mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as Spiritual, you will actually be creating a solid foundation for the new year.

Aspiring to be a better you, more compassionate, more environmentally focused, creating a healthier you in whatever way is needed will help you to actually become that person.

When you focus your attention on others... actually seeing them, you might be surprised at what you find. Do you have someone in your life that is very negative? Do you have anyone in your life that creates pain for others in some way? It's impossible to know what they have experienced, what created the person you see. It is so important to pray for that person, whether you like them or not. If you don't pray, create a healing circle of angels and invite that person's soul into the circle... or just focus positive energy toward that person. This can truly help in ways you will not understand until you return to your true home.

Most importantly... know that you are Blessed this Christmas Season. See and understand just how Blessed.


a cleansing of past and present by Michael

This is a time of cleansing... not only of each of you that are willing... but of Mother Earth, herself. When you hold on to painful memories, they only become infected and grow in intensity. Letting go is an absolutely beautiful way to begin the new year.

Begin now to write down all of those things of the past and the present that you would like (and need) to let go of. Include everything you can think of ... people, memories that are painful, experiences of pain or embarrassment... search your heart, soul, and mind to add to your list.

Do this daily, or as the memories come forward, until December 31st. At midnight on December 31st, hold your list firmly between your two hands, as if in prayer. (If you are one of those that cannot ‘make it’ till midnight, please be reassured that you can do this exercise anytime. It is in your own mind and effort that doing it at the end of the old and beginning of a new year might mean something more special to/for you.)

Focus positive, loving energy toward your list, while asking God’s love and Grace to allow you to release these things. Having created a safe place to burn your list ahead of time, it is now time to do so. Drop your list into the fire, as you continue your request of God to help you to release.


November, 2019

Michael: As the cool days turn to wintry cold days, remember to ask yourself if you have done everything in your power to stay warm and healthy. There are so many little things you must remember to do if you are in public. The obvious ones, like using those wet cloths at the grocery store are very important. If you are near someone that is obviously ill... move away and try not to breathe until you have put some distance between you and that person. Most of all, use common sense and be aware at all times, you can even ask us to tell you if you are near someone ill that is not readily recognizable.

Most of you, even Dale, often forget to ask us for help on seemingly small tasks like that, but when you remember to ask, we are delighted to be included and set free to help in whatever way we can. Another suggestion is to realize that we are also available to help you interact with your fellow men/women as you go through your day.

Each of you is a Light, and to share that Light with others is more important than you can know. Sometimes we are already helping without your realizing because your Higher Self has made requests. It's so totally amazing at the action and interaction going on around you in the unseen (to most of you) world.

On a typical day, most people even interact with God on a 'really in need' basis. I'm so happy to recognize many of you do, indeed, remember to be grateful for the things in your lives that you feel connected to and feel are a positive. I know it's hard, but being grateful for those things you feel are a negative is also important. They are in your life for a very good reason, and many varied reasons. Suffice it to say that all things... good and seemingly bad... are a necessary component in your life as you travel your Earth journey.

As the beauty of fall fades, remember to look out for your fellow man, woman, and lost or needy animals. The care you give will be returned not just tenfold, but many times more over. This will be a harsh winter for many elderly. If you know anyone, especially older and ill, do what you can to help. Again the Blessings will be awesome for all concerned.

Pray for those you know are in need or create a healing circle and invite them in. You would be surprised, but when you do this, that soul is usually there for the comfort offered... and no, they do not stay, but to make yourself know this... at the end of your gathering, say thank you and release them to return to their proper place.

The ideal scenario would be for each person on Earth to have a charity or family or person to share Christmas with, whether in your home or creating something special for them in theirs. Help out in soup kitchens, gather things that are needed for shelters... human and animals. I pray that each of you will take it upon yourself to step forward this year and end 2019 with a true showing of love and care, which will begin the year 2020 in a most awesome and Blessed way.

Thanksgiving is near... show some love there, too.


Lily: In reference to each of you finding peace and hopefully happiness in your life... it is so important for you to find it in 'this day, this moment'.

Many people feel their life would be better, happier, healthier and so on IF they had something more in their life... something that is missing at this moment.

This is a major challenge! You must learn to appreciate all you are and all you have at this time. Maybe you would be better off with that something different in your life, but don't waste your time telling yourself that. Create what you can and focus positive toward those thoughts... like focusing positive energy toward a vision board. Remember that when you think 'that will never happen', you have just created another barrier to it actually becoming a reality.

Some of the things you focus on probably will never happen, but making the effort to think a positive thought toward that 'thing' or 'person' will help you in a multitude of ways. It is always possible that something else will come into your life that is even better.


Damien: As Guardian Angels go, I am one that has created many opportunities for Dale to examine her life in many different ways. You need to recognize that your own Guardian Angels do the same for you.

One of my favorite experiences of the past was when I created different human forms for a few moments to interact with her in some way. Not once did she recognize me for who I was at the time, but always knew after the fact. She looked at them as tests... I look at them as fun.

The very first time, she was having coffee alone at Starbucks in Austin, TX. I appeared behind one of their displays in the middle of the floor and peered out at her, caught her eye and she smiled at me, then went back to her book and coffee. That was immediately followed by her recognition of me. (I sent her a message)

Next was a vagrant going through garbage bins. She was not near, but did notice me. Again I sent her a message of recognition). A most interesting one was in FL. on the turnpike. I created myself as a black man, well dressed in khaki shirt and shorts (I looked very influential). She was walking a bit behind Jerry, so I approached her and asked for a dollar for gas. I frightened her on that one, so after she got in the truck, I let her know it was me.

I'm creating the next experience so that I will be in front of her and tell her right then who I am. I shall be 'just me', and not play a part of another human.

Your own Angels may play with you in similar ways. Just be aware, and if someone appears for a few moments and disappears, then you more than likely just encountered your own Angel.


Melchezidek: In an effort to clarify the activities of the Universe at this time, not only are you going through Mercury Retrograde, but many of you are in a process of your own desires as soul to create.

If you feel there is something more for you to begin... trust, have faith, pray or meditate about the 'feeling', then let go. It will happen. ALL of you are in this life learning patience... so, how are you doing. Some of you will see your failings in this, many will not. But... it does not matter because you will be experiencing people, places, and things that will tend to create anxiety and patience. It is a long hard road uphill to that place on top where you can really say, "I'm here... I made it to the top, and I feel I can wait to see what happens instead of trying to read or learn ahead. I'll now patiently wait for the next step.'

That next step will come more quickly for you if you can get to that quiet and peaceful place and just 'let it be'.

Another area I wish to touch upon is about how you proceed with people. It is important to live your life as you. Don't worry about trying to BE a Light, just focus on being the best and nicest you that you can be and live your life that harms no one or anything.

The Blessings will surely flow in the future when you need them most.

Being aware of other people's needs is important. The best thing you can do is listen. Offer little advice unless you are asked. If you are unsure of what to say or how to respond, just ask a question for help from your Angels. Often times, the right words will be there. For now, just recognize yourself as 'you'. Be proud of who you are. Be grateful for all you do have, and quit worrying about what you do not have. Create, create, create that Vision Board and know you are putting your heart's desire out to the Universe for direction. God Bless.


Melchezidek: When you are making an effort... even if it does not succeed... that makes you a winner. The effort you put out and the feeling of hope and faith reach out to create waves of wonder with those you interact with. That is a part of your personal Light. Now... if that effort does not bring forth the ending you desire... it is important to just back up... feel good knowing that you tried. There are many reasons efforts seem to fail, and it typically is not YOU. You could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There may be people that are uncertain about the subject matter. And most importantly... that it was not meant to succeed.

As you approach the deadline for an event... feel good. The positive thought is, if this succeeds... wonderful, but if it does not.. all is well. I'll try another place and another time.


Michael: As the end of this Mercury Retrograde begins (Nov. 20), remember to reorganize yourself. Clear and balance your chakras and energy field, and to stablize yourself even more, let those roots grow deep into Mother Earth. There will be some chaos... and this extra will help tremendously.


October, 2019

Michael: Understanding the laws of nature is not necessary, but it will help you to move through your Earth life more easily. They are simply common sense mainly, but many of you are at war within yourself in misunderstanding.

For instance, are any of you vegetarians at heart, but your physical body demands meat? This alone can create dis-ease because you are not of wholeness in who you are and supposed to be. The problem arises when you begin to think of the animals and that they have lives, they feel pain, they feel separation from their young and repeatedly call for them.

Recognition of animals as creatures with thought and feelings creates a whole new element for those of you that are of this mind set. Honoring the creatures that have given their lives for your health is a wonderful thing, and letting go of the thought at that moment is the proper thing to do. But somehow, bringing this reality into your heart is where the true problem exists.

Trying to co-exist with these emotions are detrimental to your health. It is extremely important to make a stand in this one way or another. Either accept that you need the meat that you eat or become the vegetarian that you desire to be. I realize it is hard to exist as a vegetarian when you live with others that are truly meat eaters, but it can be done.

Back to the laws of nature... the animals that are on Earth are here for the experience also. It is something that their souls have created, knowing that many of them will be giving their lives in support of humans.


Melchezidek: Super charge your physical... your inner being by eating foods that unleash that energy. The main source of energy for each of you is truly the sunlight, and it is the sunlight that helps the vegetables to grow. There are certain vegetables that will give you more sun energy than others. For instance, root vegetables are good for you, but they are grown underground. The top portion gets the sun, and it helps the roots to grow, but they are not directly in the sun.

Fresh is best, but most frozen vegetables hold their sun energy because of the way they are prepared, especially if they are flash frozen soon after harvested.

For your health, try for one month to put more sun vegetables in your diet. See if that will help your own energy, it will also help to brighten your aura and your inner you.

Let's go in another direction now.

A brilliant star will be discovered soon by many of you. It is millions of years old and has been around for you to see any time you desire, but many of you never look at the stars. This star I speak of is the brightest of them all and easily seen even when most cannot be seen.

Do get out at night from time to time to find that star and make a wish on it. It's like a prayer, you know, and wishes and prayers create miracles.
God Bless


Jesus says it is time to rectify absolute justice. Today is the release of all past to clear the way for tomorrow's gifts. Those of you that have anger or hate in your heart for anything or anyone must learn to let it go, that is the only way to truly clear for a new you. You have been told many times that those things only hurt you and not the other person. Yes, therapy can help, but so can I.


Lily: Some days are like being in a small boat on a stormy sea. Those days you need to work extra hard to find balance and harmony in your life. If feeling ill creates that feeling, then do what you can to feel better... bed rest, TV rest, reading, sleep, aspirin, etc. But if the storm is caused by anger, this is the place you need to focus with extra love and tender care. Life on Earth creates many challenges to a harmonious you, but you are in charge of how you react to the challenges presented, even when you have no control of the challenge itself.

It is simply a matter of building that inner strength to realizing how to approach the issue at hand. Seeking outside advice can often help you narrow down the larger scope to a workable smaller one that you can begin to handle. It can also be a huge help to put it into a discussion of the problem with God, with the Universe, with your Angels, etc.

It is just so very important for you to recognize that we are around you to help as much as we can. We cannot always give you the answer to your problems, but we can often help YOU come up with the answer. Just ask.


Lily: As each of you begin to create something new in your life, you need to really analyze it. Is your possible creation value to your overall health? Does it enhance your life in some way, is it something you can share with others in some way? The answers to these questions will be the key to a successful relationship with that new component in your life.

It is truly rare to be able to answer all those questions with the depth needed. Often times you will see just the surface answers, but dig deeper and recognize any small portion that is a positive. Also look at the end results. Is it something you can be proud of? Will you be better off in the end if you achieve success in the endeavor.

So many things depend on feeling well enough to tackle something... anything new in your life, so if you find it hard to maneuver through your day to day existence... find out why. Get a health check up, be clear, concise, and thoroughly truthful with your doctor. Often times, your body just needs something more that it is not getting, such as having anemia, which can be quickly corrected. So before you go off the deep end believing you have a major illness, find out... get a physical, then begin a healthy regimen to be the best you can be. It may take a few months or more... but when you feel good and have energy to get things done.... magic happens... even miracles can. Believe in miracles, believe in you, and believe that the best is yet to come. (Lily)


Mary: Some days are so turbulent that you cannot find peace anywhere, even if you look. Some days are so depressing that you can hardly move, any movement feels like you are trying to walk through quick sand. But then you have those days that you wake up and realize you are finally free of those awful days, you realize that you have some control of your life and you decide to try to create what you want for yourself.

NO one has the desire to feel bad, but many do not make an effort to make the necessary changes in life that can help them move forward. In fact, so many of you have been living in negativity that it is familiar to you and you do not even realize that you have every opportunity to create the needed changes in your life that would help you find peace and happiness.

Begin by just being you. Can you find the real you? When you were a child, were you truly happy with your life then? Many of you were escape artists and devised ways to hide, whether it was physically or mentally. Go back in your past and try to find a time that you were truly happy and excited about your day. Can you recreate that feeling?

And, today... what is it that you need in your life to bring that peace and happiness? Maybe it is something or someone that you need to let go of to get to that place.

I am telling you that you have many choices daily. Look at your day as you move through it. Do the things you absolutely have to do with a song in your heart or with a feeling that 'here I am right now, but things will change". If it is a change that is in your control, then do it.

As you live each day, try to be more positive in your thoughts and actions. Do you have something in your future that you feel obligated to do that you dread? If so, pray about it, tell yourself that you may actually enjoy the experience. If it is something of the physical, see yourself healing the area that needs healing. Use visualization ... so few people do this and it is so very powerful. See yourself in all stage of healing, then see yourself strong and healthy and living your life with a smile on your face and in your heart.

You can also use visualization for so many other reasons... planning a trip, creating a trip, meeting a potential mate (write down all you desire in that mate and see that person in your mind). So many other possibilities.

But the most important thing to all of this is to release your own barriers to allowing change in your life. Releasing those things of the past that may still be in your heart and mind and emotions that is called 'baggage'. You do not want to bring old baggage (or new) into the effort to create.

As God is all powerful.. so are you. You are made in His image, and you actually have the ability to create unbelievable things first in your mind and heart, then in your reality. You are powerful. It's time to unleash that power that each of you possess.


Mary: Another thing that is close to my heart. So many people are living longer in your world, and so many of those people have health issues as they grow older and need help in living a quality life. If you are one that has taken on the loving responsibility of caring for another person, you have taken on a major challenge in your life.

Being a caretaker of a loved one can bring about many feelings of loss, loneliness, solitude, and feelings that you are not competent to take care of that person. Yes, it takes patience and love, but if you have taken on the responsibility of caring for a loved one, then the basics are there. As you move through the effort of caring for that someone (or even a something like a pet that turns out to be less than enjoyable), if you try... you are ahead. If you try... it is noticed. If you try... you are a success, no matter what you feel about that time.

The one thing I desire to share with all of you is that you are all caretakers. Whether it is family, friends, pets... if you have someone in your life, then you are taking care of that relationship in the best way you can.

Being patient with yourself and recognizing that you are out of your element at times will help you get through the tough times.

For those of you that live in larger cities, there are usually organizations available to help in many ways. Do research to find any help locally. Also, look for groups of like minded people to meet with. Exchanging ideas and expressing your challenges and frustrations will help all concerned.


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