Until 1993 I had no idea of what a channel of spirit was. Some may consider that opening to spirit at the age of 46 to be a little late in life....but this exciting (and daunting) journey can happen at ANY age.

Originally, all I wanted to do was to learn to meditate....get in touch with my guides, angels, and higher self. I found a guided meditation group, and began an exciting journey that has led me through myriad pathways of healing self and others. I've included in my education, the knowledge of Reiki, healing touch, Therapeutic touch, and a few other types of healing arts.

After the first year of guided meditation, I began to feel a need to try automatic writing....I had played around with tarot cards and medicine cards, but my main conversation with spirit took place with a pendulum (which is somewhat limited since you can only discern yes and no answers). Eventually I took the time to try the auto-writing.... and after about three months, I began to hear a voice as I was writing.

It was a while before I learned that there was a name for this phenomenon....clairaudience. I could not get enough of visiting with spirit in this manner....but spirit had other ideas. I learned that I (the student) was not supposed to become obsessed with all of this new communication that had come to me. It took awhile, but eventually I got to the point of learning to channel. I still do not know HOW I learned , but I started practicing with friends, and eventually gained enough confidence to go professional.

I channel Michael. Michael Darius is my immediate teacher... a continuous mentor / teacher and he is truly a facet of the energy of Arch Angel Michael. Arch Angel Michael (as Michael Darius / Saint Michael to me) is my teacher, my mentor, my friend....and he is available to everyone as a teacher, just as all of the Master Teachers are. We look at voice channeling as an extension of the Reiki, it is a form of healing. People NEED to hear what spirit has to say to them. We also channel other's angels, guides, teachers, and higher self.

In recognition of the gifts and blessings I have received along this journey, I must say that I recognize that God has been involved in this journey from the beginning.... if He had not been recognized by me as my Guiding Light, I could not have stayed with the turbulence created in my life by the healing of my past....past lives, past/present childhood events (inner children), and present adult situations.

This is not the end of my biography....it is only the beginning.